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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1937741
But, most people didn't know it.
          "The reason behind the lack of fosil evidence for a transition between species
          is that its very difficult to make a fossil. The fosil must be burried in mud or a tar pit
          and remain intack for millions of years. We never could have imagined that we would
          find a modern human femal frozen in the melting polar cap."  Dr. Lawrence Krause adjusted
          the microphone with a loud creak over the speakers.

            "This female appears to be from the cambrian period, from the small dinorsaur eggs we found
          in her leather pouch.  .. And-ehm she has been revived. She is speaking a yet unidentified language,
          but our linguist believes the cave woman is asking for her pouch and eggs." Dr. L Krause took a
          sip of water and continued, "The eggs are viable terradactile and they are in an incubator.
          Yes? You have a question?"

              A reporter for Skeptics for Idiots stood up, "Your telling us that a modern women from over
            a million years ago has been revived and her dinosaur eggs are being hatched?"
                      "Yes. This discovery utterly destroys Darwin's theory of the descent of man."
                      Dr. Lawrence Krause wepted as he spoke.

          "Is she exterestrial?" the reporter queried.  The good doctor was elated by the question:
          "Yes! That could explain this radical break with the fossil record!" Krause gulped his bottled water.
          "Can we see her?" another reporter asked. "Well, she is under sedation. Obviously, for shock ..
          Her blood tests are good.. very human... but, this could be a UFO abduction."

                "Or.. our knowledge of evolution is completely misguided." the doctor wiped the sweat off his
            brow... "She had bolas and a knife for hunting and appears to be scandinavian with blue eyes
            and a blond short haircut and stands 5ft 2inches, which would imply humans have evolved much more
            rapidly, than ... anyone would have imagined or this woman is a time traveler"
            The reporters bombarded the doctor with questions about the blond scandinavian.  The answers were
            limited by the lack of a reasonable explaination. It was a day for reavaluating what we knew as common
            knowledge. and what could be.

                  The blond missing link was named, "Cassandra Stone" ; Cassy .

            to be continued....

                                                        Chapter 2 ~ Keeping an open Mind.

                  Richard Dawkins was contacted by his colegue and fellow squash enthuist Dr. Lawrence Krause.
              Dr. Dawkins was the head of the squash team at Berkly and a zoologist. He could not believe what
              he saw. Cassy was learning english with the help of picture book. Janet Lesbian, a linguist and gorilla
              sign language trainer, was educating Cassy in basic phonics. "Yes. That is a quarter pounder with
              habaren sause." Cassy gave a big toothy smile and pointed to her mouth to eat. Janet nodded and said,
              "Yes. Eat." and gave Cassy the snadwich to eat. Cassy devoured it in big bites.

                  Richard Dawkins was red face as he held his tears back.  "Cough" the famous zoologist gasped
              and took a sip of his bottled water. "And there is no doubt that she is from the cambrian era?" he queried.
              Doctor Lawrence kissed his friend Dawkins gentlely on the left cheek, "There is no other conculsion."
              "Oh? There are always alternate theories. Perhaps, she's exterestrial?" Dawkins answered as his hand
              trembled, while he suckled his bottled water. Janet stepped over to the conversation ~

                                      "This woman is not exterestrial. She is human and very intelligent."

              "Are you sure?" Lawrence replied while rubbing Richard's back. Richard had choked on some water.
              "I am." Doctor Lesbian replied firmly. Richard walked over to Cassy and sat beside her.
              Cassy was chewing her big toe nail. Richard took her foot and snipped the nail with a clipper and
              handed the clipper to Cassy. Cassy took the clipper and imitated Richard, clipping her nails.
              Richard turned to his colegues, "She is smart and we could all be out of job."

            to be continued...

                                                                  Chapter 3 ~ Who is Cassy?

                        Cassy was a quick learner and began to speak. Her first words were ~

                                                                  "Where are my eggs?"

          It was a very difficult feet for Cassy to collect the terradactile eggs and she cherished them.
          Janet explained that the eggs had hatched and they could go see them.  Cassy clapped her hands
          in distress. She was very upset the dinosaurs had hatched. "They will eat us!" she shouted.
          Janet calmed Cassy with a hug and belly rub, "They cannot hurt us." Cassy did not believe Janet,
          but responded to the belly rub with a passionate kiss. Janet took Cassy by the hand to the planetarium
          where the terradactile were kept. They flew about and rested and ate raw meat. Cassy grunted and bent
          over swinging her arms in fear. Janet rubbed her back and Cassy press her face into the anthropologist's
          bussom. "It is safe." Janet repeated several times to calm the cave woman.

                          "I am Tara. I am Mozati." Cassy said.

                          "How did you get in the ice?" Janet asked.

                          "I am a wife of Dazo. He is a God and lives in Heaven." Cassy pointed upward.

                          "How did you get in the ice?" Janet pressed the question.

                          "Dazo put me there. He was tired of me. He has many wives." Cassy made a sad face;

                          "I thought the eggs would make him happy, but he dropped me into the ice."

        Janet looked over to Dr Lawrence,  "Does Dazo fly?"  Cassy nodded yes.
        "Can you draw Dazo?" Janet handed Cassy some paper and crayons. Cassy drew Dazo in a UFO saucer.
        Dr Lawrence Krause gave a toothy smile as he clutched the drawing, "Oh-yes! This explains the gaps!"
        "But, how did a modern homosapien end up in the cambrian era?" Dr. Dawkins question hung in a moment
        of silence;  "Are humans of this Earth?"

                          "Mazoti." Cassy had drawn the planets of our solar system with a 9th planet.

                          "Dazo's Arc." Cassy had drawn a picture of a vessel carring her from Mazoti to Earth.

                          "This is a revision of all anthropology." Dr. Janet Lesbian stated with a pale expression.

          "I need a drink." Richard said flatly and Lawrence gave him a Coke.

          to be continued...

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