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Contest Entry - New Reality Game Show
New Reality Show Pitch (A day in the life of a Politician)

My idea of a new reality television show would be show that would follow the everyday workings of a politician. The show would follow people such as the President of the United States, Governors, State Representatives, and the different levels of National, State, and local government. We would begin the show with provided the viewers with a brief narrative explaining the qualifications and political resume of the politician.

The show would continue on to show the politician’s achievements and awards earned while in office. The show could demonstrate the position the politician holds by disclosing how he/she has voted on important and controversial issues. It would be important to compare what the politician’s supporters feel about those issues. The issued to be highlighted would correspond to the issues that are of highest importance to Americans today. Issues such as gun control, abortion, equal rights for gays and lesbians, and education reform and spending. Other important issues such as the national debt and governmental programs such as Social Security, Food Stamps, and programs for the unemployed should be addressed.

This reality show would take a week and follow them throughout the day, showing the viewers the actions the politician takes every day. The cameras would follow his/her work in the office and follow them as they go to meetings and lunches. This would show the importance the particular politician places on his/her own spending of the people’s money throughout his daily operations. It would be eye opening if the general public were able to take a sneak peek into his/her private life and how they compare to the platform they stand behind in their political careers. I realize this could be boring and may turn off viewers just at the explanation of the show, but I have a feeling we would find ourselves in the middle of scandals that have never been reported. It would be awesome to see how the politician’s life compares to his personal and private life.

This show could be expanded into a show that not only deals with politicians but all those who are in the spotlights. The show could have a section on actors and explore their lives as to how they might compare from the limelight to their private lives. The show could do segments on religious figures and investigate popular television evangelist, popular mega church preachers, and missionary groups. Basically, the show would hold these men/women/groups accountable to comparison of their private lives and lives they portray to the public. I believe all should be held accountable, not just the politicians.

The show could produce a segment on police officers, fire men, doctors, and other medical personnel. I know this would uncover a great deal of people who are in it for their own gain and popularity than the important issues, but I feel this would also provide a way to celebrate those who are true to their calling. We may be surprised to find out that there are a great deal of people that do what they do in the name of Jesus, truth, justice, and the American way.

Just a thought…

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