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Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Dark · #1938603
in this climatic ending the heroes fight with the dwarves and free pyros!
continued from ep2 pt 2

camera cuts to volnomus.

volnomus-hmmm......they have stopped....

camera cuts to feild of view of the dwarven gate open and the dwarven armies standing in front of it.

volnomus-hmm they wish to see if were allies or tresspassers.

balgon is seen walking tward them.

volnomus grins

volnomus-well..this is a surprise...im going to talk to this one.if i fall,send the men to charge.

balgon and volnomus meet each other in the middle of the feild.

balgon-by order of our king.trun back now,or be driven out.

volnomus-we have no such intention of leaving.if youve come to beg a truce,you should be on your knees.but then again a short fry like you dosent need to kneel.

balgon-we dare you to try.not only do we have heroes who have bested you in a forest,but we have our might of our armies.this is your last warning.turn back now or be driven out.

volnomus-your threats mean nothing to me dwarf.youd better close the gate.it wouldnt be fun taking it over when we coud just tear it down.

volnomus walks away and balgon glares at him as he returns.

volnomus-finally an army worth killing.

volnomus returns to his men

volnomus-prepare to advance!archers to the front line.as soon as they are in range fire at will.

camera cuts to balgon


camera cuts to dwarven armies clustering tightly togeather and being at the ready.camera cuts to volnomus lifting his wepon-

volnomus-they think they can be orginized..pah! archers fire at will!

camera cuts to balgon as arrows are flying in the sky.

balgon-sheilds!advance in stonesheild formation!

camera pans as entire dwarven army raises their sheilds.not one dwarven solder is kiled as they advance.

balgon-legionares! return the favor!

camera pans as legion of the skulls drop their sheilds and throw spears in a single colom decimating the hunic archers.


entire hunic army rushes to the dwarven army and trys to push them,but the spearmen keep them at bay and in unison the entire dwarven army knocks the front lines of he hunic army backward.

balgon-bring it you stoneless basterds!

camera cuts to young theron

young theron-siren....now!

camera cuts to therons pocket to reveal the flute glowing.young therons body turns into a green dragon and begins fighting the hunic army.camera cuts to serinah using her staff to fight an enemy then kil him by shoving her staff through the hunic soldgers throat.

balgon-PUSH THEM BACK ten yards!

camera pans as entire army begins to push the hunic ranks back.camera cuts to volnomus.

volnomus-hold the ranks!dont let them gain ground!

camera cuts to balgon as he kills a hun and grins.

balgon-theyve taken the bait! for kalrhoha! attack!

camera cuts to entrance of gate to reveal an elevated bastilla with multipule large spears clicked and a dwarf fires the wepon onto the hunic armies.

balgon-good shot fendal!

fendal-bite the stone you assholes!

bastila fires again and kills more hunic men.camera cuts to balgon camera pans as both armies clash and the dragon fighting the huns.

volnomus-ugh get them!

balgon jumps past volnomus and kills a hun with his wepons and then looks to volnomus.

balgon-theres still time to save your men! retreat now or we will force you out.!

volnomus-fuck you dwarf!

balgon and volnomus fight for three minutes and balgon finishes by kicking volnomus to the ground and pointing his wepon at his neck.

balgon-by the stone! dont be a fool! retreat now or ill have no choice!

volnomus-you really are persistant.

volnomus trips balgon then flees.

balgon-ugh bloody stone...arrogant son of a whore!

balgon hears someone charging up behind him and he quickly rears his weapon backward to kill the hunic warrior.

balgon-i swear im gonna need a pint after this...

camera pans as the battle rages on.volnomus sighs and shakes his head.

volnomus-were gonna need a bigger army.RETREAT! EVERYONE! RETREAT!

camera cuts to a birds eyes view of the hunic armies retreating.


dwarven armies cheer in victory.

camera cuts to dwarven kings throne room.arnatule and king stonesaw are reading a scroll.

arnatule-so you believe that the holy sword that is described here in these scrolls is my sword?

king stonesaw-its no coincidence.the way you told me how your elven pepole found it is a sign from my ancestors.it seems....we were ment to protect the temple even if we didnt know it existed.odd though it may be,it said only one who weilds the holy sword can awaken pyros....whatever that may mean.

arnatule-sire,i think you just discovered what needs to be done.if my friends return tell them to meet me at the location of the temple pathway.

king stonesaw-very well.

camera cuts to balgon as he takes off his helment as the dwarven armies re enter kalrhoha.

balgon-well that was intence...better bring the others to the bloody temple.
camera cuts to young theron lying unconsuios while goddess siren is hovering over theron crying

goddess siren-hold on theron! please dont go!THERON!

a teardrop falls from sirens eyes as it lands on therons lips.theron wakes up gasping for air.

goddess siren-by all the divines...you had me worries.

goddess siren picks him up and carries him.camera cuts to serinah walking up to paroth.

serinah-paroth...can i talk to you?its kind of importaint.

paroth-hmm?whats wrong serinah?we need to hurry to free the god from its temple.

serinah-um nevermind....just...its good to see youre ok.

paroth-same here.

serinah walks away

paroth-whats gotten into her?

camera cuts to the heroes trying to get past a barrier near the fire temple entrance.arnatule walks behind them.

arnatule-beat me to it huh?

balgon-yeah figured youd show up.so did you find out a way in?

arnatule-even better.just stick close to me.i have a plan.

camera cuts to arnatule plunging the sword into the ground as roses grow around the barrier.they instantly burn from the heat.

arnatule-GO! RUN! ILL CATCH UP!

camera shows the heroes running while arnatule plunes the ground multipule times.suddenly a rumbling voice echoes.

pyros-whom dares disturb my slumber?

a wave of lava is trhown tward arnatule as he slices it in half with the lifegiver sword.

pyros-hmm?that should have killed you.enter so i may see your faces.

camera cuts to interior of the fire temple as arnatule joins up with the other heroes.a stone wall opens to reveal an already awakend pyros.pyros is still chained to the wall.he is in his red dragon form.

pyros-so it is you whom disturb me.why have you come here?

paroth-we know about the goddess nira.she sent us here to free you in exchange for aiding our pepole.

pyros-hmm chain aside i actually like it here.the dwarven pepole have a courage ive not seen for some time.i wonder what passions and courage you may have.are you willing to take a test in order to deem you worthy of my aid?

arnatule-just point the way and we will go!

serinah- i agree!

paroth -hmm well guess it wont hurt.

balgon-ah stones! ill talk to the king and ask for leave! im convinced that i wanna join.

goddess siren-you know me and theron pyros....we always want to live up to your example.

goddess siren still holds unconsuous young theron.

pyros-i see you havent changed a bit siren...but here goes nothing....in order for me to serve you cut my chains.then i want you to free the god of light.my brother,luminus,has been in perel for a decade now.a cult forces him to enjoy offerings he dosent wish to partake in.destroy the cult leaders and the rest will flee,leaving you with new powers and two new gods.once the deed is done ill speak with him.

arnatule cuts the chains off of pyros

pyros-thank you.ill be awaiting your victory.

theron [narrating]-and so with the pact made,we set forward.onward to find this god of light.it would be the toughest challenge weve ever faced.

end episode 3,roll credits,and have goddess siren character sing deim des ex

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