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How many lies can you take?
Chapter: 3  Trapped by Myself

When I opened my eyes, I was in this regal room, all alone. I was lying on the bed and realized that the painful wounds on my neck and my right arm were dressed tight. I couldn’t move without hurting myself. I tried every possible method to acknowledge this was all a dream but it was all in vain. I had actually crossed dimensions to find Alice… ALICE! Where is she? I shouldn’t be lying on this bed right now, I needed to find her!

Before I could even think of getting up, the door opened and a familiar face showed up. It was the same girl who gave me the stupid box.

“You…” I tried to speak but my throat pained hard….

“Sh…” she kept her fingers on my lips. “Don’t speak. Yeah, we have met before. You need to rest right now. We’ll talk later. Umm by the way, I am Linn”

She smiled and caressed my forehead.

“Get well soon. That way, you can set out to find your sister, ok?”

She left and I just watched. Healing was gonna take hell lot of time. And what did she mean by I can set out to find my sister? Don’t they have her here? If not, why did they bring me here in the first place?! That’s it. I’m leaving. I decided. I didn’t care about anything that may happen to me. I just wanted a safe sight of Alice. And these people, they were keeping me away from her.

I wasn’t going to sit and stare at the ceiling and wait to get better. I tried to stand up. I had never felt such strength within me before. Despite of those wounds and the pain they caused, I started walking. As I reached out for the door, I felt a cut on my neck as if my nerves were breaking apart. I touched it, blood on my hand. I examined it. The dressing was still tight. I was relieved. Maybe I can hang on, I thought.

“Alice” I reminded myself. As I opened the door, I found myself in this huge corridor which ensured me that I was within a giant beautiful palace…

But I had no time to think about it. All I wanted was to see my Alice. My arms were aching too, but I just didn’t care. My sister, her paling face, her voice was calling me. I ran like a fool to wherever the way leaded me. The thought of her attacked by a demon too and not been rescued was haunting me!

I stumbled and fell down. My throat, my neck, my arm… my entire body felt like burning in fire. My sight fainted. I could smell blood. I was scared and burdened. I was crying… for help, for Alice and for my family till I finally lost myself in darkness.

I could feel myself now. Is it still a dream? I prayed hard for it to be. I would never wish in life, I swear. I didn’t dare to open my eyes to find myself back from where I started. But I couldn’t help hearing what the people in the room were talking.

“Soren, I said I am sorry!” I heard Linn.

“How could you be so careless? I left her on your charge. Now look at her! She is nearly half-dead” I wasn’t sure who he was. Maybe Soren.

“I just went to bring fresh water…. Besides, who would have thought she could run in a condition like this?!”

“She teleported within two dimensions without the power of the full moonlight! What else do you need to understand her stubbornness?”

“Where’s Alice?!” I cried away. “Where is my sister? Is she even alive?!”

I cried with all my left out strength. “Please, don’t lie. Don’t keep me in dark. My parents are waiting for us…. Please. Tell me where she is.!”

I saw the two exchange glances.

“She is alive and she is safe. She was found an hour ago in the nearby village. Just get better so when she arrives here to meet you, she doesn’t have to be sad finding you in such a condition.”

“You’re not lying, are you?”

“Ask me that when you wake up.”

He got me a cup of medicine. “Here, have it. You’d feel better.”

I was relieved. With the medicine consumed, I felt peace. And I went into deep sleep.

“Why lied to her?”

“It’s for everyone’s good. Including hers.”

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