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It's all about the chocolate!
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Welcome back to Elle's Kitchen.

On Sunday we visited my parents and after dinner we sat down to play 'The Game Of Things'.  You have to name something that fits the prompt and each player gets a turn to try and match the answer with the player who gave it.  One round it was 'things you wouldn't want to be allergic to'.  One of the answers was 'chocolate' and my daughter promptly guessed 'That's Mummy!'  I had to admit that she was right, and she gleefully turned to the rest of the table and advised them 'That was easy, cos Mum eats chocolate all the time!'  Um, okay, moving swiftly on!  *Blush*

Even here on WDC, it's no secret that I'm a fan of chocolate, but clearly I'm not the only one!  Plenty of you are too, and this week we're putting the focus on that most glorious of foods to see how different authors can interpret one topic.  We've got poems, entertaining stories, recipes and educational articles...all the things we've looked at recently, all focused on one topic.  Let's go!

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Chocolate pie isn't really something we have here in New Zealand *Shock* so I was amused to have two poems dedicated to this chocolatey delight submitted.  One is an epulaeryu (remember that from newsletter #3?) and one is free form.

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#1938529 by Not Available.

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#1886776 by Not Available.

These stories aren't similar at all, but incredibly different.  One describes the sensual experience of eating chocolate, one is written from the point of view of the chocolate, one is a children's story about a chocolate pirate and the last is a wartime story in which chocolate breaches language barriers.  They are all excellent stories and worth a read, but if you only time to read one right now, read the last one.  *Smile*

Chocolate and the Five Senses  (E)
Here's my annual gift for chocoholics.
#1061461 by J. A. Buxton

 Sinful Chocolate  (18+)
A chocolate bar's most romantic day.
#814812 by Diane

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#1169236 by Not Available.

 Chocolate  (13+)
One soldier's struggle to find humanity in the most inhuman conflict in history.
#1232423 by Alexxi Voronin

And if you ever wanted to know more about chocolate....check out these articles.

Chocolate  (ASR)
Almost everything you need to know about chocolate. From history to your shopping list
#821219 by Captain Colossal

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#1264652 by Not Available.

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I couldn't find a recipe here on WDC for chocolate pie *Sad*, but this recipe amused me, and it has chocolate in it, so you can enjoy the goodness that is Texas Cow Patties.  The farm girl in me is greatly amused.  *Laugh*

 Texas Cow Patties  (E)
A scrumptious recipe for Texas Cow Patties!
#304184 by Kenzie

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What could be more fitting than a word search all about chocolate?  *Smirk*

Chocolate  (E)
Search for chocolate...could it get better?
#1345711 by Legerdemain

And if you're in the mood for some real chocolate after all that, don't forget to check out "The Great NZ Lolly Scramble!.

The Great NZ Lolly Scramble!  (E)
Win REAL NZ confectionery. Bid or try your luck in the raffle. Yummiest prizes on WDC!
#1931510 by Elle

Last week you were challenged to make something from scratch. 

Lyn made three herb marinara.  She sent the recipe and a photo, so we'll have to feature that in a future non-chocolate themed newsletter.  *Bigsmile*

Grace♥Leo health issues made yeast rolls.  Were they successful?  Read about them in her blog entry: "Invalid Entry.

Fivesixer made homemade truffles.  Mmmm...  Check it out: "This one's about the scratch and save entry.

Food/cooking merit badges are on their way for you three!  *Delight*

Last week, ~ Aqua ~ asked for a brownie recipe, and Karl provided us with a 'Brownie In A Cup' recipe.  LostGhost: Seeking & Learning tried it out in her pressure cooker and declared it to be tasty.  *Smile*  I'm impressed that we took a recipe request from Pakistan, fulfilled it in America and it was tested in India!  Oh, that reminds me, next week's edition is going to be about international food.  Hint hint.  *Smirk*

That's all for this week!  I hope you've enjoyed this chocolate infused edition!  Don't forget, if you have a question for Steve, an item for inclusion in a future newsletter, a topic for me to investigate and discuss, or if you'd like to be a guest editor for an edition, please let me know here: "Elle's Kitchen Newsletter Suggestions.

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