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by lime
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I took on remainings... I knew about influence.
…say nothing of this dream to your brothers, let’s they plot evil against you…

Many are the marvels of the heaven and the earth; yet they pass them by and pay no heed to them. The greater part of them believe in God only if they can worship other Gods besides Him.
(In worldly matters first we heed on food, in a vile space, time is measured in moon and sun, on clock wise. As for the mood, what does us wealth? On earth some modes are present, them are Ignorant modes of love and vain. In envy we foster disaster. )
A caged room, dull velvet blue, a window, from legs up forth the head, pinkie to big in index. A corner view, who does the watching over his presence in a lonely cage? A mirror, body height, a vessel in mud, depends on your tact, a man vivid in mirror, sometimes very sharp. Wooden floor, dark paint, shiny on window light, a man stands and further scales on his back bone, refusing the mirror, there is nothing but guard, what guard is it? What happiness?
On his feet, scope, macro fish eye. To capture his face in sharp through the mirror, silent arrangement, a harmonious worry, complete confusion, unable to proof his self. The view will choose for the sin.
“As I recall, he started in many things, he thought of himself as master of armies, guards, servants, and retainers…”

Indonesia, 2007; A market place…
To enter you pay with your passport, thus they confirm your black identity, it means it would not require for the world to remember you further, a ghost. They are pale, flesh hunters, only look for gold to revive there intestine. It literary means, that in the future they will inhale, ingest golden powders, that the reason the look for money, they never care on how they will range it, this is there call for god power.
No faces allowed, all of them masked, police is watching them, global domination, informative attitude, they think that transactional knowledge is god, and that’s all they can think of.
It was bombed right away with a distant missile from North Korea.

As a boy, he never knew about the world out there, he thought about the sea and the house, a pale view, always misty, always care for mothers love that never existed; she worshiped dead people on that pale view. From her memories half present, she remembered herself happy sometimes, her dad went away very fast, and mother killed herself after that with a knife in her throat, competence for farmland. And to her present, she holds a knife for herself right here on her lap.
I took on remainings and ate some from her intestines, raw a little, cooked on fire later.
I grew to know that I knew all about her from that, and more memories happened, I knew about influence.

“What does me?” - he thought.
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