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Would you gift thumbs to someone that didn't have them but could use them?
Are you my mother?
I will be.
You smell nice.
So do you.
A moment passes as they grow accustomed to each other and what there is of their surrounds.
I've been waiting for you. I'll get to see you soon. With your brothers and sisters.
I'll have brothers and sisters?
I think I'll like that.
She nuzzles him.
What do you think about being born?
It seems like it will be exciting. Will it?
It can be.
She looks in his eyes as he gazes around. She sees something there. Maybe wondering.
Any special requests?
Maybe. There seems to be something I wanted to remember to ask for. A pause as he waits for a memory to come when none should be there.
What are thumbs?
Is it something you want?
I think it's really important. Can I have thumbs?
It's not a regular thing. Maybe it could be done. I've never thought about it. We can try.
Oh please!
We'll try.
The important thing done, he snuggled in against her warm fur and together they watched the wonder around them and enjoyed each others smells as he faded to sleep, and she awoke.

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