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A short story about a world without creativity.
One night, under the careful watch of the Overseer, all the thoughts in the land became one. All the writing. All the talking. Every beautiful word swirled around in the mist, their emptiness making something full of life. A land once barren and dead became a land in which every human being lives only to find it. This land is called Paradise, a suitable name for someplace where the only emotions you feel is happiness and peacefulness.

But no one's ever seen it. The Overseer would go to very special people, and share with them the words that made Paridise possible. He told them to trust him. But every time, he said that words don't always make something perfect and happy, but they also could make something ugly, monstrous, and dangerous.

To please these people, he made a different world. This world was not as perfect as Paradise, but it could house and clothe people just as well. Over time, people began to move into this land, and were very happy. But the world changed.

Often times the Overseer would look at the world, and see places where his words have hurt. He could take it no longer.

"Dear citizens of my world that I have created," he began the publicly broadcasted announcement the way he had always done, "I have seen my world form, as well as you, the people, in a way that is perfectly perfect!" He smiled brightly. "But I have...some bad news." His face fell into a look of concern.

You could practically feel the people of his world lean in, breathing in every word he said.

"I have seen words become something of horror."

Out in the homes of his dear people, you could see them nodding their heads.

"So...I must get rid of them."


"People of my world, I must make some rules."

Rules? RULES??? These people never heard of rules!!! WE WERE PROMISED FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS, NOT RULES!!!!

"These...these words...they are too dangerous. But I must remind you, this is only for your saftey. I must take away these words."

From then on, if you committed a crime, you couldn't talk to anyone unless they are of high athority and only if they tell you to speak. Singing, writing, drawing, dancing, or any other expression of feeling were banned.

The Overseer's world was falling apart.
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