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by asucar
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This is about a short essay i wrote about how youtube have affected our lives today.
The introduction of this article can be found in Wikipedia, just search “youtube” and read the introductory part. Hahaha! Anyway, Youtube has become a pervasive force in people’s lives today. It is like a one-stop-shop supermarket because you can find everything you are looking for in here and it’s for free! Clearly it serves multiple purposes but I would like to narrow down on how it provides us useful information, influences our way of thinking and can helps us, like how it helped several famous artists today.

First and foremost, it seems that like Google (thank you btw, for the great contribution you made in getting my diploma), every conceivable information are found in this site. Trust me; I learned playing the guitar, sketching, essay writing, and getting a girlfriend (no! this could go a little overboard, it’s my talent FYI. Kidding!) just by typing the keywords and clicking the search button, I mean, come on even a 5-year old kid can do that. So think of it this way, youtube + google, would you still consider going to the library? I don’t think so!

Another thing is, the views in the videos uploaded here, defines the social level of that person/uploader in the society. For example, a hundred views are “ok”, it means that you’re a regular person and you have friends watching your videos;-P. Thousands and hundreds of thousands of views means you are good at some point or maybe talented but not enough for a million views. If you have this huge amount if views, il give you a high five mister! You are a now considered to be a potential star. Interestingly, Ellen and Oprah could be one of the viewers of your video. Exciting! And it does not end there, how about those who have billions of views? Well, nobody does a billion views like Psy in gangan style.LOL! Yeah, you are extremely popular in this level that your ways are known even to the most remote areas of the world. But it doesn’t mean you’re loved by billions of people, beware though, some of them are haters! But it doesn’t matter to you, things like that can only happen to a few, like Biebers’ videos. (I don’t like him, but not a hater either.)haha

Last but not the least, how does youtube help us? Have you ever heard the term “Youtube sensation” I mean yeah we all know how Justine bieber, believer, whatever, have gained his reputation through this site. As for those who don’t, yes, he started as an amateur kid uploading music videos of him singing, until Usher stumbled upon one of those. Several local artists in my country also gained their popularity by doing the same. Bottom line is Youtube has served as a stepping stone for most of the popular icons today. You can never know what fate lies in your future, so you should start considering uploading videos too and hope for it to go viral.

It is amazing how this site can unlimitedly provide us information, tremendously influence are thought and help us to become sensational stars. It is hoped that it will continue to serve its purpose in a positive way. To the founders and creators of youtube(google them if you do not know), you are welcome!
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