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Some thoughts about ratings on here
I must tell you that the first time, I had a piece of my work read on www.writing.com, I was excited especially when I also got a rating of four stars.  This excited feeling continued until one reviewer wrote a very nasty and distasteful rating on a piece that I held close to my heart.

I took his words seriously, and they hurt.  They crushed me.  I am not a new writer, I am a new writer willing to share my work for others to read and enjoy or not, but not to belittle my efforts.  So I was hurt.  I wondered if this site was for me and if I should continue posting my works here.  Needless to say, I have continued, and actually renewed my membership for another year.  During the past year, I learned the following:

1.  Some people are really here to help and encourage you.  THANK YOU SISCO.
2.  Some people here really are great writers and make wonderful suggestion.  Thank you Storymistress
3.  Then there are those here who connect with your work and relate stories of their own, and tell you how your work impacted their lives, emotions, and writings.  Thank you to all of you.  You made me love being here.
4.  We also have grammarians that still make me feel over my head, but leave me with an out that says "it's your work, and only change it, if you agree."  Thank you.  I often do take their suggestions.
5.  ...and then there are those with the poison pens, bad attitudes, and are less than fair in their approach to you and your efforts.  Thank you too for helping me to understand that you exist, and that you keep me on my toes.

Writing is hard, fun, exciting, time-taking, and often tedious, but it is YOURS.  It is your way of expressing you, your feelings, thoughts, and ideas.  DO NOT spend too much time thinking about the negatives that may come your way from those who may just be insensitive and own all of the poison pens.  SPEND your time writing and enjoying it.  Write because you want to not because you have to write. 

This lesson was learned the hard way.  I honestly believed that the rating actually meant something.  I found that one vicious person can rank your writing a one star and drag down all of your other ratings, and that could really hurt you, if you are vested in the ratings.  Instead, invest in your writings.  Write your story, your article, your poem, your book.  Get someone else to edit it if you must, but don't stop writing.  You, too, can learn to write, edit, and punctuate like the big boys!

Choose someone on this site that will help, encourage, nurture, guide, and push you to grow in your chosen art form, then write on.  WRITE ON!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1940499-Personal-Thoughts-About-Ratings-on-WDC