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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Food/Cooking · #1941074
Roy wants to gain, ALOT. When he finds magic candy, his dreams come true.... well, sort of
Roy, the skinny kid at his school.... he's 13 and wants to be fat! He needs this!  At his school, If your not fat your no one, In his mind, skinny is BAD!  His parents are chubby and his brother Jake is super big!

"I look gross!" Roy said to himself staring in the mirror in his bedroom... His gut is bony and thin,  his pecks are small and puny and his butt is flat! "I need to try harder on my gaining!" Roy took off his shirt and poked his stomach. Nothing moved. He sighed and flipped his black hair twards the right. He rummaged through his wide ranged size of clothes and pulled on an old t-shirt. He left for the mall.

Roy ate a Big Mac and Super shake. He scuffed along the side walk
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