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Buy Buy Buy! Need need need!
The Engorged Consumer

"You know Hon, I think that I need a new desk,"
    she spoke as she lay down her papers to rest.
"I need a new oven, I need a new chair
    I want a new lamp that has fashion has flair!"

"A new car would be nice, one that doesn't go boom,
    with an over sized motor to make it go zoom!
My computer just isn't as fast, it seems sluggish,
    A machine to take moisture from air that is muggish!"

"I need a new dryer, hair stylist, masseuse,
    and a wonderful blender that makes special juice!
We need some new bed sheets, the kind that look pretty,
    we need to get shots and a collar for kitty."

"You need a nice haircut, your heads looking scruffy,
    a purple duvet, one that feels nice and fluffy!
The dog needs a new bed, one medium size,
    and scoop for the yard, to cut down on flies."

"We're needing some nicknacks, electrical toys,
    some new video games to play with the boys.
Since you're made of money and I'm made of greed,
    I'll keep wanting new things, new things that I need!" 
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