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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #1941397
A Samurott abandoned by his trainer finds a village in turmoil, and joins their fight.
Chapter 1

         It was a dark and dreary day again, with rain coming down at a steady pace. On the outskirts of Icirrus City awoke a lone Samurott, greeted by the sound of the rain as it poured down around him. He slowly picked himself up from the ground and looked around, expecting for a moment to see someone there, but quickly realized he was still alone.

“Ah well... guess I better go out and keep looking for a place to go then...” Kazuo sighed as he trudged on. Only a few weeks ago he was happily being raised by a trainer, and was one of the trainer’s most trusted Pokémon through all their travels across Unova. He had learned many attacks he never would’ve imagined learning about, seeing places he couldn’t go by himself, encountered many different Pokémon, and most importantly had someone there to care for him. Then suddenly, before he knew it, the journey was over.

“I’m sorry to do this, Kazuo, but I’m all finished being a trainer. It’s better I let you and the others be free again, to do what you like. But, I’ll always have fond memories of traveling with all of you.”

The trainer’s words echoed in his head like an angry bee. He didn’t know where the others were or where the trainer left to, but he was left here in Icirrus City where he was found as an Oshawott all that time ago. He had no friends and no home, and had spent most of the time since his release just looking for a place to go. To this point he had no luck, and his hope was dwindling.

“It’s beginning to look hopeless for me, I should just give up... nobody wants me...” Kazuo muttered as he sulked along. The trees of the surrounding area provided little cover from the rain, but it didn’t bother him. After a while the rain began to let up a bit, and something caught his attention in the near distance. “What the? What’s that up there?” Curious, he picked up his pace and trotted over to get a closer look, noticing what appeared to be a settlement or village of sorts.

It had a very traditional Japanese look about it, without being overly modern either. Kazuo glanced on at the village, much to his surprise only seeing others like himself wandering about. They all appeared to be Oshawott, Dewott, or Samurotts like himself there. Maybe he’d found a place he belonged at last. With a newfound hope restored, he proudly walked into the village and looked around. However, the inhabitants all glared at him, stopping what they were doing, and muttering amongst themselves oddly. It was all making Kazuo feel uncomfortable, but he continued onward.

“I wonder why everyone’s looking at me like that... I haven’t done anything, have I?” Finally someone stepped in to make him stop, giving a stern look. It was another Samurott, though he looked older, like the town elder presumably. The other stared long and hard at him, before finally speaking slowly to him.

“What business do you have here, outsider?”

“Oh, uh... I was just wandering is all, found this place by accident, I hope I’m not intruding or anything,” Kazuo explained quickly, not wanting to cause needless trouble with these strangers. After all, it wasn’t often he ran into others like himself, and maybe they could help him out. “What is this place, anyway? If I may ask, that is.”

“This is a sacred land, the home of the Ott Clan. We normally do not take kindly to those from the outside world, unless they are to prove their worth to us,” the elder responded. He looked over Kazuo a moment again, studying what kind of person he appeared to be. In doing so caught the urban scent on him, which gave him a better idea of where their uninvited guest may have come from.

“Really now? Well, I don’t have any place to go really... I got released by my trainer a few weeks ago and have been on my own ever since. Is there maybe any way I could stay here or join your clan?” He realized he sounded a bit desperate, wanting to be accepted by someone again and feeling like he belonged somewhere.

“Hm... a trainer’s Pokemon, you say? There are many attacks that one could learn traveling the region with someone like that, which we could not learn on our own...” the elder spoke, turning to look at the crowd who had gathered. They all watched cautiously and curiously, wondering what he may have in mind. “Perhaps if you are strong enough or show you are worthy, we may keep you here, to help teach us what you know.”

“Oh, thank you, I would appreciate that very much, anything to have a place to stay,” Kazuo happily replied, bowing respectfully as well.

“But before you can become a member of the clan, we will have to test your worth, prove to us you are strong enough and show your dedication to our ways. Do you agree to these conditions, outsider?”

He nodded with a grateful smile. “Of course, but what did you have in mind?” The elder smirked as he looked back to him.

“Come with me back to my residence for a briefing of your duties until you are officially accepted. It will be much easier to do in private.” The two Samurotts headed off together as the rest of the clan members scattered, going back to what they were doing.

Later that day, Kazuo had a list of things he would be expected to do for the next month. It included things likes sweeping paths and guard duty to watch for intruders or other outsiders like him.  All the while, he would be taught the traditions of the clan and learn their ways in the art of combat. He would be evaluated on how he was doing every so often, and if the results were satisfactory, he would be accepted into their clan. It sounded easy enough to him, and for tonight at least he’d get to stay in the elder’s house under his watch. After that he would be sent out to find his own place to sleep, before he’d eventually be given a house to stay in. Tomorrow he would begin his trial, so he made sure to get a lot of rest while he could.

A couple of weeks went by, and Kazuo had been performing well at his various tasks. He was picking up on their traditions and training style well, which pleased the Samurott teachers. The whole process also helped him to learn where things were and how they ran the town. His confidence that he would be accepted into the clan was growing, though the constant shots of being called “Outsider” instead of Kazuo were bothering him.

“Eventually they’ll have to refer to me by name, right?” he thought to himself. “I mean, they haven’t even asked me for it yet... it’s like they don’t want me here, in a way.” He shook it off and kept working hard at everything they asked him to do, hoping it’d be enough to prove he was worth something, not just to them but to himself.

Then one day, while he was busy sweeping in front of the elder’s house, he was beginning to get frustrated by the arduous task. Kazuo looked around and didn’t figure anybody was watching, and got an idea.

“I know what will make this go faster...” he said with a smirk, while setting the broom aside and backing up. He pulled his shell blades out, and while holding them in his paws in front of himself, formed a concentrated ball of air, before throwing the Air Slash at the ground. The force of the move was enough to blow the path clear like he had hoped, a proud smile coming over his face. Some onlookers passing by happened to notice, stopping to stare at what he was up to. Never had they seen an attack like that before, and this outsider knew it. Kazuo glanced over, noticing them there and chuckling a bit, rubbing at his neck after putting his shells back. “Oh, uh, hello there... I hope I didn’t scare you or anything...”

“What... was that move you did...?” replied a Dewott among the group slowly while pointing to him. Kazuo looked over to where he fired the Air Slash and back again to the group.

“It was a move called Air Slash, my trainer taught me it before... is it bad?”

The Dewott shook his head, and looked towards the elder’s house. “Not in the least, outsider. I believe the elder would be most fascinated by it, how about you show him then?” Kazuo turned to look back at the house with a faint smile.

“That could be a pretty good idea... maybe he’d appreciate it. Thanks for the suggestion.” The Dewott and others headed back on their way as Kazuo went up to the house, knocking first on the door before coming in. He looked around before he spotted the elder, and cautiously approached him. “Sir, I have finished outside like you asked me.”

“Good, good...” the elder said as he continued reading a book on his table. But Kazuo didn’t go anywhere, he stayed where he was still. The elder sensed it and looked back at him. “What is it, outsider? I have nothing more for you to do right now, so you must not be waiting for the next task.”

“Well, you see,” Kazuo began, growing a bit nervous in case the elder wouldn’t like it. “There’s something I’d like to show you, if that’s alright. A few folks outside suggested you may like it.” The elder piqued an eyebrow as he looked curiously at him, getting up from his seat.

“Oh? And what might it be?”

“Uhh... perhaps should come outside, I don’t want to make a mess in here or anything after all...” The elder gave a hesitant nod and followed him outside, noticing for himself the job he did on the front sidewalk. He looked back over to Kazuo again.

“How did you managed to get this path so clear so fast?”

“Here, this is what I wanted to show you, sir.” Kazuo focused his energy on performing the Air Slash again, the air swirling in his paws as he prepared it before unleashing it in a clear area of the yard. The elder watched eyes wide with surprise at such a powerful and unusual move. Kazuo looked over at him with a small smirk, asking “What do you think?”

“My... that is quite the move you have...” the elder responded slowly, blinking. He looked back to him again, cracking a small smile. “I believe you have proved yourself well, I expected nothing less of a trainer’s Pokémon. Your Air Slash could be most useful to our clan if used right.”

“Thank you, sir, I’d be proud to help you all with whatever dangers you may face,” Kazuo proudly answered. A sense of relief came over him from knowing the elder was pleased with him and accepting to let him stay. He bowed respectfully to him as well to show his appreciation.

“So, now that you are an official member of the clan... what was your name again? I do not believe I caught it before...”

“My name is Kazuo.”

“Ah yes, Kazuo...” the elder tailed off as he seemed to mentally store the name away so he could remember it. “Well then Kazuo, you are free to go on home now. Be prepared for whatever we ask of you and obey all our traditions and we shall have no trouble.” Kazuo nodded in response as the elder turned to go back into his house.

With that out of the way, he could finally go relax at the house he’d been assigned to. He was excited about being accepted again, feeling welcomed by someone, being useful to someone. It was such a great feeling to relive like this. He kept his excitement contained until he got back to the house, celebrating the occasion by taking a while to let loose and relax. Tomorrow he’d get started on training again to keep himself sharp for whatever challenges were ahead. For now he settled back on the bed he was given for the house, looking at himself in the mirror. He could hardly believe he finally had a new home already, and it didn’t take nearly as long as he thought. Kazuo laid back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling for a moment. Thoughts were racing through his head at a rapid pace, excited to get his new life started.

“I can’t believe this is really happening, I really hope I can fit in and find some new friends here. Not to mention do everything in my power for the good of the clan,” Kazuo assured himself, a big smile over his face. He hadn’t felt this good in a long time, and it was a feeling he’d hope last for a while. Finally he settled down enough to rest his head back on the pillow, closing his eyes and slowly falling asleep. It’d been so long since he’d gotten to have a real bed like this, safe from the outside world... he would enjoy this night greatly. And so began a new chapter in Kazuo’s life, from that of a trainer’s abandoned Pokémon to the member of a clan full of others like himself.
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