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A romantic interlude in the style of "Benny Hill"
A Jingle Each Day:

There once was a lassie, from Tallahassee
  who gave me a jingle each day.
She'd ask to come over, twas brother who drove her,
  but never could her brother stay.

We frolicked and tickled at times we were pickled,
  she giggled with eye's full of lust,
so I'd spin her around till her butt hit the ground,
  with my face in the crack of her bust!

Then after the deed, we both showered in need,
  from the sweat and the juices that mingled.
I dried off her back, had my way with her rack,
  and she'd play with my hair till I tingled!

Soon after she dressed, she said "you are the best",
  as she gave me a glint from her eye.
"I'll call you tomorrow," she said with no sorrow
  and off with her brother she'd fly

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