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A tale of crime and haunting!
The Wood Splitters Axe

Down through the wooded thicket we'd go
    wild winds a blowing over inches of snow,
to the old haunted mansion near Avinley Park,
    where six students died all alone in the dark.

Jack and I liked to go visit at night,
    when the mansion walls howled with screams that brought fright!
An old axe still lodged in a wood splitters stump,
    and a basket of heads that would land with a thump!

The wood splitters name was Rusty McGee.
    A tall brawny Irishman seldom to see,
Folks say he lost touch, that he snapped and went crazy!
    Details of the crime seemed to me, a bit hazy.

Old Rusty still free, he never was caught,
    we were fools to go prowling around on the lot!
There were fresh tracks of boots in the snow near the deck,
    could they be Rusty's, is he back from his trek?

All at once a loud snap and a beam of a flash,
  sent Jack and I running, our legs were a dash!
Safe at home was all that we wanted to be,
  wanting nothing to do with Rusty McGee!

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