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by Jayson
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An interesting experience with nature while in a meditative state
The early morning light had just opened the garden to a new day when he caught my eye lounging on a 2x4 supporting the newly stained fence. For the many decades on this property, now called Beagle Haven there had been thousands of them, always visible,sunning, darting here and there, but this lizard was a bit different as he had a reddish rust area on the top of his head and his eyebrows were painted as well.

The mind, including the brain was particularly quiet this morning as meditation had been present in a sporadic way. One was drifting in and out of that blissful state yet going about ones chores. Meditation and daily life are not two separate things. There was sharp effortless attention, no concentration, no me, no past with its judgements and opinions, as all of the yesterdays had slipped away allowing the new and ever present now to present itself. It was border less, crisp and fresh in the place where the all of the all has its origin, that space between thoughts, that place that man has been hunting down, machete in hand for thousands of years, the place where all creation has it's birth.

He was fearlessly attentive, inviting, and I dare say staring at me as if ready to stand and try to offer me a deal on auto insurance. I approached him like a shadow until I was only two feet away. Good morning Ralph I said. I hope you are having a good day. His head tilted forty five degrees as would your good friend the dog as he endeavor"s to understand what you are saying. Expecting him to dart away, he firmed up with a greater interest as one realized that space and time had melted away and that only one action was taking place in consciousness between us as the connection between the once separate entities was secured into oneness and melody. This went on for a minute or so then I told him to hold tight as I will go in and retrieve a kodacrome and upon returning found curious Ralph at attention still waiting, still engaged. He continued cocking his head at various comments and the camera got as close as five inches from his head. He too was fearless as we both understood what all was happening. Quite simply put the unity of all life had silently moved beyond it's theory's and into the real where truth resides.

True meditation lays waste to all barriers. Most of us do not realize it but our brain, as it is , has a fence around it and we spend most of our lives endlessly repeating yesterdays verbiage. Occasionally an unavoidable crisis forces us to the core and if we are lucky and quiet enough  the fence moves outward a bit as we get a glimpse of the real, a glimpse of what truth is. A crisis is not necessary however. The space between thoughts is eternally there and you can see it at any moment should you dare to look. Attending to it permits it to expand naturally to the place that man has been searching for, for the past ten thousand years! When that expansion takes place a new quality of silence emerges which is the beginning of true meditation and is the one and only place where truth, and reality can be seen.

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