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A brief Thank You to all of Troops- past and present
This is written with one great intention,

to give our Armed Forces some much needed attention.

Especially to those who served in Foreign places,

far away from their loved ones faces.

Few had parades when they arrived home;

many we left to recover on their own.

In the beginning, our nation was young,

the troops, in their glory, not so far flung.

In places with names like Montreal and Fort Erie

our Armed Forces fought in battles most dreary.

Puebla and Matamoros were soon to be fought,

such valor and bravery could not be taught.

Battles closer to home would soon occur,

tragedy both North and South would incur,

Bull Run, Chattanooga, Shiloh, Antietam,

all fought to gain a people's freedom.

Cuba would be the next battle ground,

on Guantanamo Bay our boys would be found.

Twice they'd be called into World Wide strife,

trying to maintain a free way of life.

On Normandy beaches, our heroes would land,

giving hometown names to foreign sand.

Then off to Korea and Vietnam,

Seoul, Nam River, Ka-San.

My generation, too, has traveled far,

Baghdad, Fallujah,and Kandahar.

So I raise up a glass of the finest champagne,

to salute our Armed Forces from every campaign.

Finally, though I wish there be no more wars,

I am secure in the knowledge, no Armed Forces are braver than ours!
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