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by Quinny
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1941664
Callie and Chris's life take a drastic turn when a snobbish high schooler plays a prank.

Callie sat in front of her mirror contemplating her reflection. No one had ever really thought of her as pretty, not even herself. Tonight I will be noticed she said to herself as she put on her black party dress that was way shorter than she had ever worn before. Tonight is the night I will get my first kiss.

Callie had been invited to the sweet 16 party for Jennifer along with the rest of their junior class. The only party she can remember being invited to since elementary school. Callie has been on her own for most of her life. Her parents were rich but were never around. The only thing they were good for was throwing money at her to stay out of their way. Maybe that was why she desperately wanted to feel loved.

Tonight she was hoping to catch the eye of a boy in her class named David. He seemed to be down to earth and interested in the same things as her. The only thing standing in her way of course was Jennifer, the most popular girl in school. She was drop dead gorgeous and had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand, just to be close to her.

Chris downed another beer as he finished up a game of pool with his military buddies. It was their nightly routine to come play pool and drink the night away before returning to their barracks to sleep it off before work. He scanned the room in search of a waitress for another beer. His eyes fell on the hot brunet who was scantily clad and currently bent over cleaning up an array of beer bottles. In his 21 years he had been known to get around but he liked to think he still knew how to treat a girl with respect. He sighed and returned his gaze back to the game, not in the mood for another one night stand. Now he wanted more. He wanted a woman to call his own.

Callie arrived at the party just after it started. Not one to be late are you, Jennifer said as she descended the staircase with a sneer on her face. Here, since you showed up you might as well be useful and try this new drink we will be serving later. Mom and dad had it specially made for my party. Not wanting to give Jennifer the satisfaction of making her miserable, Callie takes the drink and has a sip. Callie immediately starts to feel sick. Afraid of throwing up in front of everyone she runs up the stairs to what she hoped is the bathroom where she immediately pass out.

Chapter 1

Upon waking Callie can't see a thing, the room is completely dark. Her head hurt like it was beaten against a wall. She staggers trying to stand up only to find the floor although solid is somewhat springy like a gymnast floor. She tries to make her way to a wall and feel her way to a door but after a while of finding no opening she finds herself lacking in energy and sits down to rest. That's when she hears it. Large booming sounds that she couldn't quite place. Then out of nowhere she was thrown across the floor. It couldn't be possible but it felt like the whole room was moving.

On his way back to the barracks from work Chris stopped by the post office to collect his mail. Their was a strange package there for him with no return address. Thinking it was probably nothing more than bulk mail sent to random military men to cheer them up he tosses it onto his bed and goes in search of his knife to open it.

Callie feels the movement of the room come to a halt but then has to cover her ears from the loud noise overhead. The room floods with bright light but after her eyes adjust all she can see are 2 huge blue eyes staring at her. It's to much to handle, she screams and crouches in a corner trying to shield herself from the penetrating gaze.

Chris couldn't believe his eyes, in the box was a girl. A tiny girl no bigger than 5 or 6 inches. He could see she was freaking out, who wouldn't be. He was freaking out but had to do something to calm her. He gingerly tipped the box over so that she was now on his bed beside him. It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you. What happened? How did you get so small? What's your name?

Callie wipes her tears and stares up at the man looming over her. It's taking everything she has to not just stay curled up in a ball crying her eyes out. If their is a way to get out of this nightmare, he might be her only hope. It takes all the strength she can muster but she finally says my name is Callie. Who are you and why am I here?

Hello Callie, my name is Chris. I don't know why you are here, I just received a package with you in it with no return address. I'm sorry I was so rough, I had no idea someone could be in there. You look a little beaten up.

Callie winces before looking herself over. She finally has the undivided attention of an attractive guy and he thinks she looks like shes been beaten up. As Callie inspects her state of dress, she sees that one of her heels is broken so she tosses her shoes aside. A few scrapes on her legs and arms and a small tear up the side of her dress exposing way to much thigh. Callie quickly tugs on her dress trying to cover herself. In the process Callie felt heat rise to your cheeks from a blush that reaches her whole body. After a moment to she gathers her composure, and attempts to stand up on the bouncy surface of the bed trying to appear better.

Chris watches as Callie moves about his bed exploring her now giant world. He takes in her small frame that when rightly put portioned would give her ample breasts, a fine ass, and some curvy hips to hold onto. He shakes his head is disbelief. She's so small, he can't let his mind wander that far. He sees that Callie appears young but has the body of a woman so he says, Callie, how old are you?

Callie stops her wandering and whips around to face Chris completely caught off guard by his sudden question. I just turned 16 a few weeks ago. How about you, I see your in the military so that means you must be at least 18.

Chris gives her a smile and little chuckle at her conclusion a little disappointed at how young she was. You would be correct, I am at least 18. I just turned 21 a few months ago he said. I know your probably still in shock but I figure your probably stuck here until we can figure out how we can get you back to normal. How about a tour of the place to help you get acquainted. After placing his hand down on the bed beside her palm up, Chris sees Callie look at it then back at your face a few times before backing away. Isn't there another way? Says Callie. Chris, after thinking it over for a minute comes to the conclusion that their is no other way. In the back of his mind he gives himself a mental kick for liking the chance to hold her.

Chapter 2

Callie stares at the enormous hand with grief. To her it seems bigger than a car. Just the fingers alone appear to be huge tree trunks. She looks up at him one more time and says promise not to drop me? Of course you hear him say. Walking over to his now resting hand, she reaches her own hand out to feel the surface and to boost herself up into the awaiting palm. As she climbs on, she loses your footing and rolls all the way to the center. From Callie's new position she can now see all of Chris's face staring down at her and smiling. Noticing how strikingly handsome Chris is, she gives him a little smile of her own. Your hand is so warm Chris! At least I shouldn't get cold as you walk around she said with a giggle.

Chris is awed by the woman in his hand. She can't weigh more than a lb, if that. Smiling down at her, Chris raises his hand up off the bed closer to chest level. From there he catches a whiff of some sort of mango perfume or soap she is wearing. Just the scent of it makes his groin tighten with anticipation. After getting himself under control he walks around the room showing everything to Callie, followed by the bathroom. While in there she expresses a need to use the bathroom. He leaves her on the sink with an empty bottle cap and a square of toilet paper and saying that would would be back in a few minutes to check on her.

After Chris leaves, Callie stares at the cold bathroom surrounding her. With Chris gone, their is no more body heat to protect her small body from the drafts of this place and she gives a little shiver. Chris will be back soon so she quickly squats over the drink cap in attempt not to fall in herself as she relieves herself. Just as she finishes up, she hears the doorknob beginning to turn, so she quickly jumps up and pulls her dress back into place. From her view on the sink, she watches as Chis enters and walks toward her. She can't see his face because its up to high for her to see, but the rest of his body looks like a skyscraper coming toward her.

Chris walks into the bathroom to collect Callie for another chat. After Callie is safely in his palm he walks back to the bedroom to rest on the bed again. This time he was a little more forceful when he asked, what happened to you? How did you get like this?

Callie was startled by the sudden harshness of Chris's tone. Not wanting to anger him, she broke down telling him about the party and the drink from Jennifer, and then waking up in the darkness. She chanced a look up at his face for any trace of anger but all that showed through was concern. Great she thought, he probably just thinks of me as a silly teenager he has to deal with.

Chris let out an exasperated sigh. He didn't know how to fix this predicament. He took a look at his watch and let it confirm what what his stomach was telling him. Chris looked down at sweet Callie who looked like he would burst into tears at any moment.

Callie couldn't look up at Chris, she was to embarrassed. She hears him mention something about getting some food but doesn't look up until part of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was put in front of her. Upon looking up, she sees Chris smiling again, all must be ok. Looking at the sandwich, it seems like an impossible task. Callie chooses to just break off a handful of the bread and dip it in the peanut butter and jelly. After eating her fill, her attention then goes back to Chris who has undoubtedly be staring at her the whole time. She blushes under his gaze wondering why he can't seem to stop staring at her. Taken by a sudden wave of tiredness, she try to stifle a yawn. Chris immediately notices and suggests making a bed in the small shipping box for her to sleep in.

Chris makes quick work of making a bed a few washcloths for softness then wrapped in pieces of an old T-shirt he ripped apart for comfort, followed by a few more scraps of shirt for warmth. Satisfied with his work, he eagerly place your hand down for Callie to climb into. As he sets Callie back down with her new bed and watch the delight on her face as she snuggles deep within the covers, he can't help but feel want. No, not want but need to be there beside her. He feels his arousal growing and excuses himself to the bathroom to get your hormones under control.

Callie loved her new bed, it was even more comfortable than home. The sheets smelled purely of Chris. As your thoughts wandered about Chris she felt a dampening between her legs and heat rise to her cheeks again. She knew it was probably wrong and that she might regret it, but if its the last thing she did, she was going to get Chris's attention, and not just as a friend....

Chapter 3

Callie awoke with a start from a loud buzzing sound that was making her whole bed vibrate. Crawling out of bed to investigate, she comes face to face with a booming alarm clock. She hears noise behind her of Chris beginning to wake. Before she has time to react, his enormous hand comes flying at her from above, knocking the wind out of her and pinning her against the dresser top.

Chris had been in a deep sleep when he heard his alarm go off for work. He had had the strangest dream last night about finding a tiny woman in a box. Not quite awake yet, he blindly bats his hand at his alarm clock, not really wanting to go to work this morning when suddenly his hand came in contact with something that couldn't be his alarm clock. It was soft and warm, like the tiny woman from his dream. Reality flooded his mind as he remembered the day before. Quickly removing his hand and turning the light on, he found Callie sprawled out on his dresser top winded but luckily not hurt. Before she could stand up, he got a glimpse of what looked like black lace panties. Callie was able to cover herself before he could take a better look. Just his luck, looks like he was going to start the day off with a hard on all because Callie was a sexy little minx that was off limits.

Callie was in over her head when it came to Chris. Just last night she had promised herself she would get Chris's attention. Then this morning she was starting to regret it after an accident left her exposed to him. His penetrating eyes were different some how, they almost seemed to say he wanted to devour her. The thought sent a chill up her spine. Chris started to tell her about having to get ready for work but that he would be back to check on her when he could during the day. He laid some food out for her as well as a thimble of water and a fresh bottle cap for bathroom purposes.

Chris made a hasty retreat this morning after fulfilling Callie's essentials. He had hoped it was all a dream, he didn't know how he was going to keep his hands to himself when he wanted her so desperately. During work he was bombarded by his buddies about why he didn't show up at the pool hall last night. Unable to come up with a better excuse, he simply said he had been tired but that he would be there tonight. Besides, it was a good way to get his mind off of the attractive blond staying in his room.

At around noon, Callie was pacing up and down on the dresser top trying to find something to do. Looking around the room and seeing the difference of perspective had kept her occupied for a while but now she was struggling to keep herself occupied while Chris worked. She was happy when she heard him return but was vastly disappointed when he said he would be going out right after work. He was at least kind enough to turn the tv on and leave the remote on the dresser for her. Callie just hoped that he would be able to spend more time with her over the weekend.

Chris felt a little bad about deserting Callie tonight when he saw the look of disappointment on her face, but he needed to find a release for all of the sexual tension building up, and if he kept ditching his friends they might think he was up to something. After work he went straight to the pool hall with his buddies and immediately started downing beers. He wanted to forget about Callie and he knew just how to do it. The hot brunet who had an eye for him came to hit on him just as he knew she would. He started to accept her advances. When he had doubts he would just drink more beer. By the end of the night he didn't know what was up or down, all he knew was that he was going to have some release tonight with the hot brunet.

Callie awoke when the door opened happy to see that Chris was back, but was taken aback when she noticed he wasn't alone. He had a scantily clad women in toe who smelled of alcohol and cheap perfumed. Callie hid herself away in her bed in hopes of not drawing attention to herself. At first she thought the women was just going to drop Chris off and leave, but she watched as Chris grabbed her and started kissing and undressing her. He even pushed her up against the dresser, knocking Callie around the place. Just when she thought it was over, she watched as Chris performed oral on the woman and listened to her screaming his name. Callie couldn't believe how cold Chris was for making her watch all of it. She covered her head with her covers trying to drown out the sounds until she fell asleep.

Chapter 4

Chris woke up to his alarm with a bad hangover. The brunet had left at some point during the night, he wasn't sure when. After trying to check on Callie and getting the cold shoulder reality sunk in, he had gone to far. Chris made his way to the bathroom for a shower to rid himself of this hangover. During his shower all he thought about was how he could make things up to her. Today would be the start of 4 days of liberty, he would have to use as much of that time as possible making things up to Callie. After wrapping himself in a towel, he moved to his dresser to get some fresh clothes. Callie still wouldn't look at him which made his heart sink further. He didn't get passed opening his underwear drawer before there was a knock at the door. Upon opening the door he found his buddy Josh in a tizzy, saying they had to hurry or they would be late for formation. Quickly getting dressed, he was out the door.

Callie couldn't stand the sight of Chris this morning. She knew he felt bad or he wouldn't keep checking on her so often. None the less she wasn't ready to face him. She could feel his eyes on her as he started getting his clothes out of the dresser. After hearing a knock at the door, Chris disappeared and she began to panic. What if someone saw her, since the room was now bright a day? She ran to the edge of the dresser and jumped into the open drawer, hiding herself amongst the clothing. It wasn't long before she heard Chris return to the dresser and begin removing clothes. Before she could make herself known, the clothing she was hiding in was lifted in the air and then she felt her stomach churn as it felt like it was plummeting to the floor. She tried to look up out of the opening but all she saw was darkness as it was raised up in the air again to where it stayed.

Chris's boxer briefs felt strange. Almost like they were stretched out of shape because they didn't hug he skin like normal. Him and Josh hurried over to formation, making it just in time. All he had to do was make it through this hour standing at attention and then take Josh to the bus station then he could spend the rest of his time with Callie. During formation, he began to feel even stranger. Almost as if something was tickling his penis. His mind began to wander, wishing it was Callie touching him. Formation was over and no time so he and Josh got in his car to go to the bus station. As soon as Chris sat down, he felt it. something or someone was definitely inside his underwear. Just the thought of Callie touching him made him excited and his arousal begin to grow.

Callie was a little panicked. Yet again she was in the dark and in a place she had no idea where she was or where she was going. Trying to think of what had just happened, she came to the conclusion that she must be somewhere in Chris's clothing and that he was headed to formation, oblivious to her being there. This place smelled of old spice and something purely Chris. When the movement stopped, she gathered her wits and tried to explore and figure out where she was. If she raised her arms, she felt something big and soft. Before she could figure out what it was, Chris started to move again. When the movement stopped again, she was actually pinned between whatever had been above her and something else squishy below her. The heat was almost suffocating. She had to do something to let Chris know she was there, so she did the only thing she could, she wriggled and moved as much as she could. All her struggles did no good. Whatever was on top of her seemed to be getting heavier and was no longer soft. She continued her struggles but abruptly stopped when she felt movement above her, it was pulsating. She took her probably only chance and moved to where she wasn't pinned. Now able to breath, she reached up to try to figure out what was above her. Something warm and sticky began to drip all over her.

Chris couldn't believe the sensations he was feeling. He knew as long as he felt movement that Callie was ok, but all her moving made him incredibly turned on. When he got to the bus station with Josh, he didn't bother getting out of the car, not wanting the feeling to stop. He simply said good bye and then drove like a bat out of hell back to base to be with Callie. Before he got there though, Callie's movements had moved from the base of his penis all the way to the tip. He couldn't fight his hormones any longer, and came inside his pants. After parking his car, he was walking back to his room when he thought about how much of a mess Callie would be in so he made a quick stop in the exchange on base and found a Katniss Everdeen doll that looked about the same size and figured Callie could use the clothes. After paying for his purchase, he quickly made his way to his room, and quickly started stripping his pants off and then reached into his briefs for Callie.

If Callie wasn't panicked before, she certainly was now. Their was no end to the hot and sticky liquid, it coated her whole body and kept seeping into her mouth when she tried to breathe since her nose was covered in it. Would she die here? Whatever this stuff was, it was starting to dry and harden so that she couldn't move at all. She was stuck the fabric of Chris's clothes. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more, she heard Chris remove some clothes and then their was a bright light above her followed by Chris's hand closing around her and bringing her to safety.

Chris was stunned to see the state of Callie, she was completely encased in his cum. He grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned off her face so that she could speak to him. She seemed to be happy to see him. Setting her down on the sink so that she could stand on her own, he told her he would make a bath for her to get cleaned up in.

Callie was so happy to see Chris again, she didn't know how much longer she could of lasted in there. She immediately started to feel better when he cleaned off her face and promised her a bath. She watched him set up a bowl of warm water and some soap to scrub herself with. He said he would be showering while she bathed so she should have plenty of privacy. He left her be to get cleaned up but she soon discovered that the zipper to her dress was so crusty from the goop that it wouldn't budge. Just then she watched Chris start to set up his shower. Cupping her mouth in her hands she yelled his name as loud as she could. After getting his attention, she told Chris her problem. It seemed like forever of Chris staring at her with his penetrating gaze before she saw not one but both of Chris's hand coming at her. Her first instinct was fear of being crushed between his huge hands but in the back of her mind she knew he wasn't trying to hurt her.

Chris stared down at poor Callie covered in his cum. Did she even know what it was? She seemed to be so oblivious when she said she couldn't get the zipper of her dress undone. He knew their was only one solution, but how would she handle having her dress ripped off of her? Only one way to find out he thought to himself. Using both hands he gripped the dress at the zipper and ripped it apart until it pooled around her ankles.

Callie was shocked that Chris had ripped off her dress. She quickly tried to cover as much as she could with her arms but knew it was no good. She heard Chris say she was beautiful and shouldn't hide it. Another blush reached her cheeks as she let her arms fall to her sides. She watched Chris walk away with a smile on his face to get his on shower.

Chris was pleasantly surprised that Callie didn't freak out. She as merely modest about showing her body. She seemed to be adjusting better than he could of imagined. He didn't rush in the shower, knowing that Callie needed time to get cleaned up. This is his chance to make things up to her.

Callie eased her way into the awaiting warm water. The water was so deep. she could actually go swimming. As she washed her hair for the third time trying to get all the gunk out, she thought about the fact that the only clothes she had was her underwear and bra. It wasn't necessarily bad, just a little cold without clothes. Figuring that her hair was as clean as possible, she climbed out of the bowl and wrapped herself in a huge washcloth Chris left for her. Although it covered her, it made it difficult to move around since it was so huge. Just then, Chris emerged from his shower with a towel wrapped around his waste. As he neared the scent of Old Spice was almost overwhelming.

Chris figured enough time had passed, so he wrapped himself in a towel and sauntered over to Callie to see how she was doing. He could hardly make her out all wrapped up in the washcloth. Seeing she was struggling to move anywhere, he just scooped her up in his hands rather than wait for her to crawl in. Bringing her over to his dresser so that he could get dressed, he started to apologize for his behavior the night before. Their was no good excuse for it even if he was drunk. Pleased that Callie seemed to forgive him quickly, he scooped her back up, and resting her on his chest as he laid down on his bed. I have to ask he said, How did you end up in my underwear this morning?

Callie was mortified by his question. although she already knew where she had been, she was to shy to admit it to herself let alone Chris. Deciding it was best to just be honest, she told him all about hiding in the clothes from whoever knocked on the door and how she had tried to crawl out but it was to late.

After hearing Callie's story, Chris told her how much of a surprise she had been, a pleasant surprise. By the blush on Callie's face he would guess she is a virgin. Suddenly he got an idea but first he had to hear it for himself. Giving Callie what he hoped was a caring look he asked if she had ever been with a man before?

Callie yet again taken off guard by his question had tried to make a quick recovery and come up with a lie but yet again, she shook her head and blushed. Well then said Chris, I think its only fair if I repay your kindness from earlier. Giving Chris the most confused face, all he did was chuckle and say you can trust me Callie, I promise I won't hurt you. Just listen to my instructions and relax. With this, she nodded because she did trust Chris. She had to, he was now her entire world and whom she had come to depend on. She watched as Chris switched off the light so that they were both in complete darkness. She heard him tell her to take off her underwear. She complied, but she wrapped back up in the washcloth for warmth. Suddenly she was encased by Chris's hands. She felt him remove the towel so that she was now fully nude in the palm of his hand. Lay down, she heard him say. Callie quickly laid down and was surprised by how warm and soft Chris's hand felt on her skin. She could stay just like this forever. Completely forgetting what Chris had mentioned, she began to relax and started tracing the lines on his hand with her own. Suddenly there was a finger on her foot, and it made her whole body tingle with anticipation as it moved up her body, around her hips and to her breasts. Chris was massaging her breasts, and surprising even herself she let out a moan. It was nothing like anything she had ever felt before, her whole body was on fire, telling her she needed more. Chris's finger started to make its way down her body again. That couldn't be it, she wasn't ready for it to end yet. Just as his finger got to her waist, her body instinctively thrust itself upward needing more contact. Suddenly it wasn't Chris's fingertip touching her, He was nudging his knuckle between her legs and rubbing it against her sex. Unable to hold it in, she was screaming out in ecstasy. She didn't understand how it could feel so good. A little embarrassed by her fluids leaking out on Chris's fingers, she didn't say anything in hopes he wouldn't notice. Chris turned the light on above her and just as her eyes adjusted to the light she watched in awe as he sucked her juices from his finger with a look of pure pleasure on his face that then turned to hunger. As Chris lifted the hand holding her up to his face, Callie was completely paralyzed with fear. As she neared his mouth, all she could think about was this was the end. Just then his tongue came sliding out of his mouth, up her leg and to her sex. This was a new and amazing feeling. His tongue was so powerful but it explored her in a gentle way. It worked at her nether lips unlike his finger. It wasn't long before she was screaming out in orgasm yet again, while thrusting her sex harder against Chris's tongue.

Chapter 5

Chris watched Callie turn into putty in his hand. She seemed to be completely relaxed as well as completely exhausted after her second orgasm. Tucking her gently into her bed, he watched her until she fell asleep and then slipped out of his room for more supplies at the exchange. Chris made his way down the isles, picking up monopoly and payday the board games. Images of Callie dressed in sexy underwear playing board games had quite the appeal. Next was the Barbie doll isle for more clothes for Callie. Barbie from Australia looked functional. Definitely something Callie would like. Tossing it in the cart he continued his search for some more intimate items... United kingdom could be interesting he thought tossing it and a cheerleader outfit in. Ah hah, here we are he said adding several bikini outfits into the cart as well as a pack of night time underwear and lingerie. Making his way to the cashier, he grabbed a can of reddiwhip out of the fridge to have on hand as well.

Callie awoke with a start to the door slamming shut. Thinking it was Chris she got out of bed to talk to him only to see another man there looking for Chris. Quickly trying to find a place to hide she hid behind her box. She heard the man shout MOUSE! Then her box was swept away right in front of her. She leapt off the dresser toward Chris's bed. She rolled her body in her landing so she seemed to still be ok but the man was now looming over her with a huge book trying to squash her. She ran as fast as she could to the head of Chris's bed trying to find safety in hiding between the bed and wall but the man moved the bed away from the wall. Gripping a stray thread to slow down her fall to the ground, she stumbled when she hit the carpeted floor. This time running underneath the dresser. It was so dark under the dresser she couldn't see where she was going and tripped over a whole in the carpet. She could here the man starting to move the dresser but her foot was caught and she couldn't see how to get it untangled. Just then she heard the door open again and Chris yell at whoever the man was.

Chris made his way back to his room to find the door wide open. Everything was a mess, and Lewis was in the process of moving his dresser and talking about a mouse. What the hell Lewis, what are you doing? I came to see if you wanted to catch a movie later and found a mouse on your dresser. The little fucker is fast, but I think I finally have it trapped and I think it hurt itself during its last fall. Chris was panicked, was Callie hurt he thought. Sorry Lewis, I got a family thing later. I'll take care of the mouse, you head on to the movie. A little disappointed, Lewis left Chris's room. Grabbing a flashlight, Chris laid down on the floor right by the dresser to look for Callie. Finding her in a corner under the dresser with her ankle caught up in the carpet, and is that blood on her leg? Callie are you ok? Hearing her small crys, he told her to hang on and he would get her out. Grabbing some nearby scissors, he went right to work carefully the carpet to free Callie. One she was free he scooped her up to examine the damage. Other than probably being scared to death she had some bad cuts and what looked like rub burn up and down her legs. Bringing her into the bathroom, he got out his first aid kit to do what he could to stop the bleeding and to clean the wounds.

Callie didn't say anything to Chris until they were in the bathroom. She was still trying to process what happened. How could anyone think she was a mouse? Her legs felt like they were being stabbed repeatedly but she knew it was nothing serious. mainly a rug burn. She watched as Chris cleaned her wounds and stopped the bleeding. She no longer complained when he picked her up. This time bringing her up to his face where he kissed her bare stomach saying how sorry he was. Callie began to cry for real this time. Standing up on shaky legs, she hugged his cheek for a long time, just needing comfort.

Chris's hand slid up to cup Callie around the waste. If he wasn't mistaken, Callie was coming to care for him as much as he did for her. He couldn't imagine being with anyone else. Callie was his first true love. Bringing her back down to chest level so that he could safely carry her, he brought her back to the dresser while he put his bed back in place and picked her now smashed bed back up. After grabbing his purchases, he brought Callie over to his bed to show her the gifts he got for her. He couldn't wait to see her reaction. Satisfied that she was safe resting on the bed he started to show her each of the sets of clothes including the lingerie followed by showing the board games.

Callie was definitely surprised by the clothes, some more than others. It did give her hope that he was starting to care for her, she just didn't know if she was comfortable wearing sexy lingerie yet. She watched as Chris carefully cut out each article of clothing from its box and then laid each outfit down for her to choose what she wants to wear. Choosing some simple underwear and then slowly easing on the Katniss Everdeen clothes careful not to touch her scrapes. Although the games sounded fun, they would need to wait until it didn't hurt to move or be touched so Callie suggested just watching tv for a bit. She didn't know why, but she always seemed to feel exhausted.

Chris couldn't blame Callie, she had been through a lot today. Settling on a happy Madison movie marathon, Chris laid down on his bed with Callie resting on his chest. It was a comfort to have her so near. She seemed content to be snuggled against his chest. He didn't know when but both of them fell asleep.

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