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Several comical and puzzling questions for the reader.
Questions to ponder (Part 1)

  Is mashed pork the same as a ground hog?
  Is there a woman named Grace who is clumsy?
  Does the Great Wall of China have a big ego?
  Does the rain in Brussels fall mainly on your muscles?
  Why don't they call schools of higher education "Mental Institutions"
  Are fools happier on the 1st day of April?
  Why is laughter called "being in stitches"? You don't laugh when you get them.
  What's the difference between a can of peas and canopy's?
  If I breathe into my hand am I holding my breath?
  Should you wash sticky notes?
  Is a flat TV a little off key?
  If you want to squash a bug should you feed it Zucchini?
  Do Robins have self esteem problems since they eat worms?
  Why isn't the "fast track to Hell" shown on Google Earth?
  Did the three blind mice work in a window covering store?
  Are crabs naturally grouchy?
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