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by Jayson
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How conscious and un-concious levels communicate while meditating.
Over one hundred years ago an iceberg brought to the bottom of the ocean the culmination of man's engineering skills and perhaps the height of his capacity to display the true elegance of the times. One could say that the great ship just barely made it out of child birth when the end came on that terrible starry night. Those who loved the beauty in design of that ship, and others of that era, may be happy to know that presently a replica in full scale of the Titanic is currently under construction and financed by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. Scheduled to be launched and commissioned in late 2016, the Titanic ll will set sail from Liverpool to her destination, passing the statue of liberty and on into New York harbor. A made- for- TV event, the ship will carry 2500 passengers and a crew of 800 dressed in the styles and fashion of 1912.
Mothered by a glacier, the newborn iceberg, with all of its pristine beauty, to the naked eye, has within itself a frightening and menacing reality. Ninety percent of this photogenic natural beauty lies beneath the surface of the sea, and as time passes and the melting process continues, the ten percent remains aloft as the underwater demon of the deep diminishes until it is finally the size of an ice cube, then further reducing itself into one drop of frozen water which disappears, leaving the vast ocean to expand into its empty space.
When thinking of the intricate workings of a meditative mind, a mind in which the conscious part, the surface part, is only about ten percent of its totality, the iceberg could not offer a more striking illustration of the cleansing effects of reality meditation, which reveals both motive and truth. To temporarily exit the day and go into a room for twenty minutes and try to find some measure of peace, then re-enter the madness of the day with the usual noisy brain, to me has never made any sense at all.
Reality Meditation is to live it in daily life, in the battle, in the fray with a meditative mind. A mind which is watching, listening, learning, and understanding and resolving conflict at the moment of its development. There is of course nothing wrong with sitting and meditating but to do so as a specific daily occurrence, away from the world which you must live in, and not bring it forward into daily existence is an error. It is somewhat like going to the house of worship and praying to the God’s on Sundays then preying on everyone else from Monday to Saturday.
The constant noisy brain which is mulling over things from sunrise to sunset, continually jumping from one often meaningless thing to another can begin to undergo a subtle transformation during daily life if the simplest of actions, which is attention, is present. Attention is meditation. The room where it can happen is this gap between thought. Attention is to everything on the mental screen, both outside and inside your head. Attention is the act of watching. Watching is meditation. Not watching and judging. Not watching and commenting, evaluating and choosing, but just watching, Period. Period means just that. Period means no thing else. Observing, looking, attending, seeing, is all of these things and doing nothing regarding what is being seen. Just looking at it, attending to it, this is meditation in action. This is the fire that burns the old away! It is the beginning of a mind coming into deeper meditation, which is not only the awakening of intelligence but the laying of the groundwork which cause the gates of heaven to open, but not by you. You this ego burdened , bloviating entity, the one with countless thousands of yesterday’s worn out, repetitive baggage .
With this action employed, you will see that the output from the brain will begin to slow and the space between thoughts will start to widen of its own accord, by itself, and it will do so naturally without your help. This space increases with a truly new and silent quality. It widens, and creates depth and space without the you meddling with it and presents to the meditator the platform from which the unspeakable depths of meditation and the unknown become explore able. This action is the epitome of the common phrase "let go and let God". In this slowing, this widening, one can observe the field of awareness expanding, while stress is melting away as would a cube of ice on a stove. That widening space, indeed that space however narrow or wide is the gift which has already been given, It may be the pearl of great price. It is the sentry at the gate. It is the only place in the mental economy where you are not, and the other, the nameless, is.
This space, this platform, is the most important tool in the consciousness of man, and although it is visible thousands of times a day, most people are not even aware that it is there, this rose without thorn's.

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