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[original]A pleasant night with your dog goes awry. (shrinking)
It was a late Saturday night in your bedroom.

You had just downloaded a new e-book onto your old crumby Dell latitude laptop. Ten minutes in, you're already completely engrossed. One of your close friends had recommend the story while you were hanging out the day earlier. The story was about a teenager surviving in a post-apocalyptic world with his two best friends.

Your room was dimly lit, but not dark enough that anything was in total darkness. Your parents wouldn't be back till much later, and your little brother was at a sleepover. You decided that now would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quiet reading.

Just then, outside your bedroom door you hear.
*Whimper* *scratch scratch*

It was your dog Max, you had totally forgotten that your parents had asked you to watch him while they were gone. He had been let out and fed only an hour ago, so you didn't think there was much reason to pay him any mind. After finding where you had left off in your story you...

*scratch scratch*

"Ugh.....FINE.." You groaned. Max had always been the type of dog to never give up. There was no way you would be able to continue reading with him begging out there like that.

You stood up and walked over to your door, turning the doorknob and pulling it open. The door had only been half-way ajar before the medium sized dog pushed his way through. Panting in excitement, Max stared up at you intently, likely wanting to play a game of fetch or tug-of-war with one of his toys.

"Not now boy, I'm reading something" You spoke sternly as you closed the door and knelt down to rub the sides of his head.

Not understanding, Max simply tilted head slightly.

You stood up and walked back to your computer. Almost immediately after sitting down, Max was already propping his paws up onto the side of your chair.

"No Max! I told you, I can't play with you right now!" You lightly pushed him off.

Max grumbled in a sort of dog-like disappointment. You stared him down for a good ten seconds before he seemed to get the hint and laid down.

FINALLY getting back to your story, you slowly began to read about how the boy's adventure was leading him into an old deserted mining town deep within the Alask *Lick Lick*

Max had begun licking your free hand which was hanging down below the seat.

"Uggghhh..." You groaned at the feeling of his wet tongue against your fingers. There was obviously no way Max was just going to lay down quietly. You decided that as long as he's just licking you, maybe it would keep his attention so that you could continue to read your story.

It was a little difficult at first, but you slowly started to get used to the feeling of his tongue after a good two or three minutes.

After a while, you had completely blocked out your dog as you immersed yourself in the incredibly vivid story.

Little did you realize that Max had been licking at a strange glowing object that had fallen into your back yard earlier in the day. Luckily it didn't seem to cause any adverse side affects to the curious pooch, but traces of whatever he had licked up were now mixed in with his saliva.

In the story, the boy and his friends had just entered a dark cave. All around them, leaky piping was dripping an unknown substance onto them. The author seemed to describe in great detail how the wetness almost didn't feel liquid-based at all, it was thicker than that.

You shifted yourself in your seat, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Sitting up straight, you resumed reading, all while Max continued to lick away at your free hand. You were so engrossed in the story, you hardly noticed how your dog's tongue seemed to cover larger and lager portions of your hand with each lick. It didn't even register in your mind as the computer screen in front of you slowly began rising higher and higher.

After another three minutes, you had finished the second chapter. Almost as if snapping back to reality, you quickly noticed something a bit disorienting. It almost felt like the seat had lowered itself, but that didn't make sense since your feet were no longer touching the floor. It wasn't just that though; the seat seemed wider too.

A chill went down your spine when you noticed that Max's licks were covering your entire hand and lower wrist.

"W-what?!" you pulled your hand back quickly as you turned around. Something was definitely wrong. The entire room looked HUGE! You stared down at your hand which was now covered in thick doggy slobber. Wiping it off quickly you began to panic.

"A..Am I getting smaller?" You asked out-loud as you stared at your clothing which now seemed a few sizes too big for you.

Sitting on the floor next to you was Max, still wagging his tail happily, staring at you.

"I need to call for help" You thought as you looked around for your cell phone. Unfortunately, you had left it downstairs on the living-room coffee table.

Not giving it another thought, you lowered yourself off the chair and began to run towards your door. You couldn't make it two steps before Max had cut in front of you and licked your face. You were still taller then him by a good five inches, but he was still a pretty big dog from your new perspective.

"N-No Max! move! I need to get downstai- " You couldn't finish your sentence before your face was hit with another wet lick. You wiped your face and opened your eyes only to notice that you were still getting smaller.

In fact, it seemed to be a bit more noticeable now. It began to occur to you that it might have something to do with Max's licking.

You pushed the dog's head to the side and tried to get past him, but he was very persistent. Max still didn't seem to notice anything different had occurred despite the fact that you were now only a few inches taller then him. The dog only seemed interested in happily covering his owner in warm wet licks of love.

"N-NO! MAX!" You struggled against him as you inched forward every few seconds. During the travel, your pants had fallen off, leaving you only in loose boxers and socks. The neck of your shirt had now expanded over your left shoulder. After a minute, you had finally reached the door, to your horror, you could only JUST reach the doorknob. You stood on your tippytoes, struggling to turn the small metal knob all while Max continued to lick at the back of your neck.

The more you struggled, the harder it became. It didn't take long before your fingers started to slide off the bottom as your height continued to diminish. The moment you could no longer reach the knob, you jumped up as high as you could, trying to turn it in one quick hop. Both of your socks fell off as you felt yourself slowly sliding through the neck of your shirt.

Realizing that there was no longer a way that you could possibly reach the knob anymore, you slowly turned around to face the now towering Max. At this point you were roughly about the size of a puppet, making the dog in front of you seem gargantuan.

Max's massive maw opened up in front of you, covering your entire upper body with a single lick.

"STOP MAX!!" You tried to beat away at the canine's muzzle, but you were simply too small to physically control him anymore.

You felt yourself pushed up against the door frame behind you as Max covered you with lick after lick. There was nothing you could do but cover your face and attempt to run away. As you ran across the wide bedroom floor towards your now titanic computer desk, Max easily kept up with you from behind, now covering your entire back with his tongue. Eventually you became small enough for Max's licks to nearly lift you off the floor, causing you to almost fall over as you ran.

You turned your head fearfully to see your once previously normal sized dog now taller then a five story building. By now you were probably the size of a miniature action figure, maybe three inches tall. You didn't know where you were going, but your instincts demanded that you ran.

A minute later, after a particularly powerful lick, you fell onto the floor, flat on your face. Turning yourself around slowly, you stared up at Max staring down at you, eclipsing you in his shadow. You had raised him since he was only a puppy, you never imagined that you would one day be looking at him from THIS perspective.

Max wasn't sure when his master left, or when he began licking this strange little toy, but he didn't really pay it any mind.

You watched in horror as Max lowered his head, opening his gaping mouth in front of you. Thick, gooey strands of the dog's saliva quivered up and down the inside of his long glistening mouth. The heat of his breath covering your tiny form as it approached.


Your desperate pleas fell on deaf ears as enormous tongue covered your whole form in one lick. Sadly, it didn't end with one, it was followed by another..and another...and another. You attempted to fight off the pink tasting muscle, but it only grew bigger and bigger.

Max lifted his head for a moment to stare at the half-inch tall 'thing' on the floor, surrounded by a thick layer of his drool across the hardwood floor.

In Max's brain, he began to wonder. Why was he licking at a kibble like this? Why not just eat it?

With that, he lowered his head to gobble down the tiny treat.

You screamed as you felt the pink wall make contact with you. Unlike before, you were now small enough to completely adhere it. Crying for anyone to help, you watched as your view the room was replaced by the inside of Max's mouth.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You cried as Max closed his mouth shut, imprisoning you in hot darkness.

The saliva was everywhere, it filled your mouth and it's thickness made it difficult to move your arms.


The door to your bedroom opened up with a noticeable squeak. Your kid brother scanned the inside of the room and called your name. Spotting Max sitting alone in the center of the room, he walked over.

"Hey Max! Aww~ did he lock you in here?" The boy knelt down and rubbed the sides of Max's face.

"You know where my big brother went?" The boy asked playfully.

Max simply responded by tilting his head and gulping.

Almost immediate after, the dog returned to his usual excited, open-mouthed panting as his young owner smothered him with affection.

"C'mon lets go find him!" The boy darted towards the door as Max quickly chased after him.

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