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Terrorists have been living among us for many, many years
Long before any nation on this planet became overwhelmed with threats of modern-day terrorism, religious fanatics have slaughtered other human beings to protect their own secular beliefs.  Referring to, and repeating the words from a bible has been a war cry ever since the beginning of recorded history. One such is the popular "For God and Country". Is it correct behavior as a human being to declare war on any person or group whose beliefs are different from one’s own? Most times, religion reflects confusion, division, and hostility towards others with different beliefs. Such practices are not of God, but only pretend to be.  This kind of religious mind will attempt to destroy whatever it doesn’t understand. It will attack anything and everything that threatens its beliefs. Could it be that they understand very little about the workings of a compassionate humanity?

Taking the lives of others is the primary outcome of W-A-R. War must never be considered to be holy and “of God” in spite of such claims. No land should be considered as being “holy” because all land is of one Source. That Source, recognized by many people in the Christian World as an Almighty GOD, The Creator. Throughout the world, there are other names given to a munificent power in the Universe such as Allah, Buddha, Mother Nature, Jehovah, The Christ and more.

Who is right and who is wrong? It doesn’t matter because We Are Right = WAR and that is not right in any culture or in any language! Neither should any people consider themselves as being special or chosen by anyone’s god.  Any person or group professing that they have been anointed as special, or were chosen, claiming superiority over others defies basic religious doctrine and common sense. Can any mind which harbors negative and evil thoughts, reflect love for other human beings? If not “love” then what are the true teachings and true beliefs of religious faiths that make war on those with different beliefs? Religion as an idea to get closer to one’s God is not dangerous, but history has shown that in the hands of traditional religious leaders, the real terrorists among us, religion has become the most destructive force known to mankind!

The history of humankind also reflects a continuous war between the sexes existing to this day in many societies around the world. The foundations for this “war” are to be found where - in the “holy books” of religious minds and their followers. Can there ever be peace on the planet if a constant war between the sexes exists? So long as any society continues to be dominated and controlled by male minds, the female will continue to be treated as unequal and inferior.

Religion in non-industrialized nations reflects its own kind of trinity: fear, ignorance, and poverty! Religion in industrialized nations has one god: GREED. It appears that “civilized” churches never seem to have enough money and land; and each wants the power to control the lives of its followers.  This is accomplished by pretending to be doing the will of their god. The name ‘Protestants’ evolved from the many Catholics protesting against the use of religion to raise money for the Pope to build the Vatican in return for giving favors to some prince or other high-ranking person in exchange for political advantages. Such contributions were made frequently to secure a divorce or to clarify a land grant. This was the beginning of the worst kind of marriage and caused the most destructive ongoing wars on this planet - religion and politics!

Know that evil comes only from one place - sick minds that worship and have a blind obedience to some set of man-made beliefs! Any religious person who is prejudiced against those with a different skin color only pretends to be of god! Any religious person who is self-righteous and judges the world against his or her own beliefs is not of god because he or she is playing god! If every man-made religion on this planet is locked into its own set of man-made beliefs, then does it not go against anything new or different?  And, if religious minds are closed and attack anyone who threatens their beliefs, they cannot be neutral, which implies that no organized secular religion today is of god, but only pretends to be.

A religious preacher/teacher whose beliefs are sound is never afraid to have them examined. However, one who is not sure of his faith is under constant fear that something, perhaps heartfelt truth, may weaken its hold on people. The Real Truth of Divine Wisdom is eternal, unchanging and cannot be divided. Not until all denominations, all faiths, all beliefs and all people come to realize it, the kinds of conflict we experience currently will rage on like a grass fire that is out of control. The Truth of God - Divine Wisdom - is not man-made. It comes only from within one’s heart, and It should be the only cornerstone if one’s religion is to be in harmony with the Universe. Stupidity is a function of mankind; ignorance is the beginning of wisdom; and wisdom is the understanding of ignorance. Only when human beings can go beyond the limitations of their physical senses will they perceive, or see through the foolishness of their own ways.

Could not the real purpose of the Bible, as it was written in ancient times, be to teach mankind the evolution of the human mind and how it came to be so self-destructive? Hold on to the thought that one person can change the destiny of a nation, and the world. Will it be you?
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