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Riots rage through London's streets and the bodies full of rage descend.
The days and nights all blend into one with the world in is this state of desecrated chaos. There were sirens and screams and gunshots for the first few days but now there is nothing but silence and the disjointed groans of the walking corpses that now own the streets. I’ve been in this room for at least a couple of weeks now. Last night I heard the slack jawed monsters breaking into the flat below. I could hear their excited screeches as they tore the door off of its hinges with their decomposing hands and forced themselves through the hastily constructed barricade. I was helpless and so were the Jones’. The screams seemed to resonate in the air for hours afterwards and the foul coppery stench of stale blood has been seeping up through vents of my first floor cubby hole. Tonight I will move; it’s not safe for me here anymore.

It all started with the riots. Thousands of frenzied people smashing and stealing and throwing anything they could get their hands on. Like animals they prowled the streets mugging, assaulting and generally heckling everyone they saw. They were angry and they didn’t even know why, but their anger was nothing compared with what followed soon after.

An experimental medicine lab in the heart of London had several of its windows smashed open by a particularly ambitious group of disenfranchised youths, they roamed the corridors looking for drugs that they could use to fuel their addictions and supplement their bank balances. It was here that they had bitten off more than they could chew. Those stupid kids didn’t even read the descriptions on the bottle before they swallowed. Next thing you know an infection spreads like wildfire. People are biting each other, more than biting in fact; they’re literally tearing off chunks of flesh with their teeth, disembowelling each other with their rotten fingernails. That’s not the worst of it either the dead just won’t stay dead. Every time you watch someone destroyed by these monstrous cannibals they will get back up before your eyes and join in the murderous rampage.

Like I said, the streets have been quiet for a few day-nights now. I’ve barricaded myself into a first floor flat in a local building. I just managed to throw myself in here when the rioting started and haven’t left since. The meagre supply of canned food and dried pasta that I found in my hidey hole has now been exhausted and I am down to my last bottle of water, the power has been off for a good week now and the water stopped running a few days ago.

Now I have a choice, wait here for death by starvation or discovery, or take my chances with the outside world.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1942639