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Rated: E · Poetry · Philosophy · #1942723
Addresses the cause when living in Fundamental Darkness

Iron bars do not a prison make,
Following ruts in the road never take one straight
The trappers of minds would have us believe
Reality is only what we see and read.

Man’s deadliest prison is his mind
Secured by locks he can’t seem to find.
“What is this prison?” One dares to ask.
Look at the way you engage life’s tasks.

Look at relationships, in which you falter,
Examine behaviors you can’t seem to alter
Pay attention to the things that cause you pain,
Mistakes you keep making - again and again.

Examine your pain as it comes each day
To that dark place inside where you’ve chosen to stay.
Without common sense through all of one’s years
Man will be brain dead in-between his ears.

Sad when you think about it, I submit,
What life gives you confuses your wit.
Common sense, like spirituality cannot be taught,
The sweet taste of happiness cannot be bought.
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