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A commentory on first sura from the book.
Clots of blood:
In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
Recite in the name of your Lord who created – created man from clots of blood.
To recite is to speak, read and write; in His name - thus for the cause, all is relevant to what you are, and His is cause for all. Learn the eloquence, read on all, and write about the world. What is blood, what is clot?
In clot it evolves in man. Two legs, two arms, private parts, vitals, heart, mood, order and harmony; Read your body, so much for cause is in it, so much for the world in it. Blood is your substance to exchange with world the vital.
Recite! Your Lord is the Most Bountiful One, Who by the pen taught man what he did not know.

Recite - a verb; verb thus signifies an action. Action is physical, sometimes it is a mental action, an unseen action which will provoke the future for physical presence, an example for physical, is to recite, to create, for a mental to think, to concentrate, to anger, to love… the line is vivid, physical and mental is present in both conditions, varies with time perhaps.
It comes to word and word if a sign is meant to mean something that is present or surreal, so perhaps we can separate the word in three nomenclatures to start with, first would stand for noun, second for verb, third for adjective. Words are worlds, contain both visible and invisible, thus, it is a name for a thing, it is and object, or sometimes a subject; adjective implies on quality or character. To create is to shape, sometimes with verbs and nouns and adjectives we concisely present an object, or a subject or the action. With operators, it is possible to subject the time, or space, or perhaps it is possible to structure the meaning. Operators can be viewed as helpers too. Thus an example: pronoun, particle, tenser; for to consider them as a philosophical entity would spectacle that pronoun is in I, or you or his; particle is to indicate a type, a, an… a tenser is too see, to specify the time, as what is available at place, now from past, from past to future, from the future too your or his or ours past.
Your – a pronoun, Lord for a name, ‘is’ for and entity, the ‘a’ particle to specify the scale Most, which is an adjective, and Bountiful is another adjective on scale, which can be a noun and a verb, One is nomenclature, that too specifies on singularity of an object which is God, Who is a question type, sometimes a specifier that inclines ‘by the’ both particles that inquire on what, and what is pen, taught is a verb, and man is a noun ‘what he did not’ – a tenser that indicates past to future presence in ‘know’.
Indeed, man transgresses in thinking himself his own master: for to your Lord all things return.
Dynamical need, thus in deed you obey what is that you want, but don’t transcend what is licit in thinking that it is yours, all is His, us are His to an extent, but He is all, and thus a master, would imply possibility that is governed. He is all present, he is everywhere, thus He heeds on our vile.
Observe the man who rebukes Our servant when he prays. Think: does he follow the right guidance or enjoin true piety?
To observe is to heed on what is your or what is his, man that does without observance Is in ignorant veil, it is not always as he wants it to be, observe the servant perhaps you’ll know what to serve would mean, how to serve your prayer properly, how to concentrate on pain in disgrace, who does you pain but yourself who is blind, ask forgiveness, allow me to see. Think do you follow right guidance and pious enough to fulfil you servants duties? Do you serve? Serve yourself, perhaps you’ll know about the pain of the rebuked one.
No. Let him desist, or We will drag him by the forelock, his lying, sinful forelock.
Yes or No, to agree or negate, in both it is what it is, present, being, it is in surrender or rejection. We implies on Cause, and Force that His abides on earth, thus the force that created earth and man in Truth, what is seen it is, what is available on any scale that is true, what can be investigated with appliance that is truth, so it works, the rest will negate in time, sometimes deception works for awhile, but who can be exploited but a liar? Liar that does it to himself, what are you doing in this world abiding by them rules, don’t go in chaos, stick to calm, and think if you can, or otherwise you dig a hole for yourself, a grave that will later turn against in fall, and dragged by your forelock would imply a perfect influence. On influence remember for now, that what attracts in you things that you bare sometimes is from somewhere and that somewhere is sainthood perhaps, it is also present what they thought and what they did to prevent the decadent instability, the mood of prophecy, the mood for doom. Don’t lie, stay true.
Then let him call his helpmates. We will call the guards of Hell. No, never obey him! Prostrate yourself and come nearer.
The Hell implies on both, on existence in time and no time; Sometimes at most, decadent mass of human senses provokes a Force to appear as alive, and what it does to common being perhaps is Fire. Some will abide the fire for as long as it is available. How long is this?
The guards are who are in common sense, they the sane sense will choose for now, for the rest is His, or the opposite… Don’t obey the Fire on rebuke, don’t obey the Fire in humility, there is more for you to see. Serve, and seek yourself.
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