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Perhaps me and you a vessel, with a soul
Once in time, you are planning for your future, future is vivid for some, for determined it is not, perhaps because those who term what they got, deserve on what they want. Perhaps me and you a vessel, with a soul, singular both, a male and female; perhaps we are allowed a little more than others, we are allowed to see. To see what is inside the vessel.
You know how it started for me this time; I came in order, almost at my harmony. A man I tried to teach, was a little bit caught in his wine, he whined about the hopeless life in this world. Vain love of modern lifestyle; what is my judge? I look; I pay attention to his whole, I check for his ideas. He is caught by his false assumption that he should not care for himself, smart but caught.
What is your diagnose on him?
But it leads me, into another position, what is yours I wonder now? No… I think of you each day, for a strange reason, a reason that belongs to this world, but somehow very abstract, I know nothing about my present term in this new rank, I hoped for you perhaps, all my life. And once I talked to you, I knew what offer, I thought, I knew how to cure you. But thing unveil, and there is way more to this.
No hope for you, I don’t believe you exist. Doubt your love; perhaps it’s time that will change this doubt, perhaps…
I tried to teach right inway, because I thought it is appropriate, perhaps once in my lifetime I misjudged a person completely. I knew nothing on you; I increased, but I still don’t understand few things. You saw me… no?
So to fix your head, you should admire nature, because in Nature, it is beautiful. What it takes, how long for you to cure yourself?
Ten days? One month? Six month, a year? They admire or what? Because as far as I remember, I had no rank in this… yes, perhaps to cure is to see you placement, I don’t want to know for now. I know I’m secured enough. But you dragged me down to low, that’s what I hate… So what is that you disbelief? What is it that you doubt? In ignorant state, you won’t even read what I write from my heart… that is first… second stop thinking that sex is our limit.
Same, vain love of modern lifestyle, plain vain in love… and you will lose… because I am exhausted, and I need time to rest, again love exhausts us. I believe that I could love God, and stick with him for long, but he perhaps less gay allowed me to find women.
I want your view on me, because I got myself trapped for another time. And time brought me loss.
I assume I am not for you, because you are not the same… in touch on this world.

Those who pay attention towards self, are ready to move further within time, thus they learn on language, because it is what it is, as I recall from books, it is to shape your world, it is to shape yourself. You have to read.
Why you don’t obey, you want to get struck? Are you a little masochistic? I don’t think them are allowed in pure, that is what I reject, perhaps I mad and you are not there… or if you are what I am, stop playing with my head, it means shape the world, instead of bringing visual forms about your sex. I don’t want to have sex with a picture, second I don’t care for much sex because it overdrives, what else is in your vessel, you should heed.

Why is it that they stick to what they got, idle… loading there mind on unconscious. A game is for to learn, but they load and they don’t arrange. Is it why they go numb? Numb will make them dumb. And numb is deaf… you ask them for silence with your mood? Thus is another scale for humans to understand the life as it is, let’s sense for each other… and what happens?
It is not a play for me, get concise. Easy, I’m all alone in my room, playing with my sex, and my sex tells me to shut up, because men only want sex. I was caught for a reason, I was checking on prostitution, and what are you but a prostitute?
Explain please; don’t get offended if it is not real…why are you always at home? I am depressed with my past.

I don’t care about you now. And maybe never will care about you the way you care for me.

But in awhile, looking through internet identity dumps, as if I’m not an earthling; I found an interesting picture… carefully related, taught me about this picture… He said, she deserves attention, she is beautiful.
In misty vain, in no pride, I checked for your mental health, and thought this will not happen. Excuse me for my saviour attitude towards your miser less existence.
What happens later is as obscure as a sometimes are mental attitude is, I finally realise what miser does me, but without stupidity, it works for us sometimes, not always, perhaps to sober up for the future.
What we call a kundalini? What before it arrives? It is your life Divine, sometimes in prayer, sometimes in meditation, sometimes in alms. Cure your wrath, it is your heart that is sick, sometimes it’s very fast, just listen to what you say? You still want to play?

We separate current situation on global market, in three subdivisions of healthy lifestyle, them are a little bit abnormal… one is for money worship, other for atom worship, and death in melancholy. Depression is because you stay home, you don’t learn, you think about sex too much, you don’t mention above.
For money worship stands and item, Twilight the series, for atom prophetic vision of Polanyi, and death is collective, thus is complex that takes possession in.
What’s on your financial? Are you fine? If yes you have to spend, it is a golden law for prosperity, and more you have to expand yourself?
In her nightmare she called this carousel. Perhaps in each attempt to call on love I thought of hate, I thought it is impossible to love, I thought it is impossible to meet the one I want… because them are dull, scared, never fulfilling what they must, them our young I thought and stupid, but my mood is real, an adult mood, it contains truth, and it is as it is, a pale mood…
What a condition, perhaps in terms of modern placement I would’ve solved this with fasting and walking. And that all there is to propose… but who is she to think on me as I am not her friend, nor her collective guilt, things that she misguided from her past, things that she neglects, who is her to tell me what to do? More, hers deserve a punishment, and she admits to it. Where is your faith? I don’t worship? Possessing others is not what it should be? Where is your heart? Stay with us is please, who wants to punish you? Sodomy is a subscale for death, because them are too numb for this place, world is for sense, do you heed?
So start with remembrance he thought, perhaps it will help to draw a line, and it was yellow, our collective is not always for money, war, or death… it is for skill to preserve on what was from our past, not a tradition, it is more, it is our health, so preserving health will cancel all shipments from above, and why because shipments are determined, death is their destination. This term works for postal, both for human.
On transcended it felt like mare, unstoppable influence, what I did in my life, it was all wrong, repent will not help, nothing does, a free flow, what saves is health, coiled Mother. Let’s see how strong you are, let’s see how wise… want your God, be strong, and transcend yourself.
Them are many journeys, be it drugs or wine, the best is in your bliss… don’t overestimate and reduce what is available. Vary yourself!

Think on compassion and how it attracts, again and again in many… in physical it is with us.
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