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by Ratna
Rated: E · Chapter · Biographical · #1943320
continuation of part.......4
Time passes, and now the year 2010 celebrated by this world......both of them was continusly talking with each other on the new year;s eve, yes now the boy was also much serious about their relationship...actually the boy having feeling for her but he was afraid for his family he never though to take any step against them. But now he was determine because many times he realized that his life is breathless if the girl is not there.

"Hi, dear how are you" - boy
"i m fine u say-"girl
"what happened u r sounding so sad"
"yes i am, missing you and my life"
"then what will be the solution"
"dont know i dont want to discuss this matter" and the girl dropped his call
"boy was upset and rang again to her"
he shouts: what happened, why u dont want to understand, they are my family because of them i am in this world and you are ofcourse my life which is also important for me" i have taken decision "if i will marry with some body that will be you other wise i never got married with anybody"

"girl was weeping and said "dear, i know your situation and i also not want to seperate you with your family,
please forget me..i can live without you
boy was upset this time because first time the girl has said such type of things
now the boy realized that, if he deny he will lost her.
now the fight betweel love and society begins............

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