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Perhaps a structure for investigation in art-form;
Plate - structure.

Micro world and vital habitat, for that in human body – proximate in 72% are micros that force into unconscious action. Reassemble you flora. Beware of viral, ‘leech like’ and bacterial incompatible. Variation in economy - life on earth is in its subtle, which regulates between earth and cosmos?
Textile material and shoe ware is badly accustomed to human body type – so is ‘human’ knows nothing about titles in its coordinating system.
- Universal physics (Worlds beyond in contemplation).
- Family and business in philosophy (In influence and gene.)
- On pure character – in universal Theology, an example Tibetan Buddhism as method preventing ‘live demonology’.
- State and Empire mood – mode – language (levels of correspondence – talk with life and shape with instrument – further a tool for reality (soultific in ‘transient – for further beyond there is a law, on Spirit’ and ‘transistent experience’ – with ‘herbal remedies’, ‘bridges’ (substance for physical in fluid and flow, ‘mental dimensions – subtle material’, ‘sacred dimensions – life Divine’ and composite both, adding psychiatry), subtle in guarding channels for life (what is life beyond?), love (what is love beyond?) and war (what is war beyond?) in physical)); where state – public atmosphere; and empire – empirical ‘rehearsal (rise, culmination, splendour, transition and decline)’ to establish ‘better foundations’.
- Nature (order and harmony).Skill, dexter and judgment – in further investigation upon ‘composite Nature’ – be it human or worldly.
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