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Early morning ear assault.
It’s 6:00 AM--the music starts to play;
the kitchen crew again must have their way.
They swarm upon the neighbor’s house,
new kitchen is the thing.
But when they turn the volume up,
my ears begin to sting.

It’s rock and roll yet I am still in bed;
they play it loud enough to wake the dead.
No ear plugs can shut out the noise,
the loudness is intense.
To have some peace and quiet here,
I’d need a soundboard fence.

It is raucous din remodeling at dawn.
From the kitchen comes the music ‘cross the lawn.
I am sure they all obey the building code,
but the music that they play’s on overload.

At 6:05 this day I’ve had my fill;
I lean in pique against the windowsill.
I look across the way and stare,
like I am kryptonite;
yet all I see is one white van--
the crew is outta sight.

I grab my keys and look at my blue Ford;
no longer will I be a sounding board.
I push the panic button in,
which activates the horn.
Then pretty soon the music stops,
and it’s a peaceful morn.

At the dawn I hear the raucous kitchen din;
(countertop, a new Amana, put me in.)
And I really do not need a kitchen sink...
sometimes grabbing their attention makes them think.

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Writer’s Cramp
July 21, 2013

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