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What I see when I look up.
A small lamp that looks like an old streetlight. My desk was made in the 1960's and has been maintained very well, yet it still has signs of its age to give it character. I have a small bookshelf, about 3 feet high. It holds all my writing, favorite books and of course the dictionary and thesaurus. The bookshelf is to my right, on the floor. There is a window directly in front of me with a tree just outside of the window with a few birds nests for me to look at. Sometimes the neighbors cat climbs up a small tree and is able to jump from the tree and get to the roof near my window. The cat will sit directly in front of the window and look at me. I could reach out and pet the cat if I wanted to but I never do. I kind of like when the cat visits me.

I have a small radio to listen to a.m. talk shows late at night when I can't sleep or when I want to take a break from the endless search for words. I plan on getting a small XM radio to replace the terrestrial radio...so much more to choose from. I am in search of the perfect framed picture to put to my right, just above the bookshelf. It must be the PERFECT picture. I am still not sure. I have a picture frame up right now, with nothing inside of the frame. It's empty. One day it will come to me and I will hang it up. I have a rug that is placed directly below my desk and chair. It is an older rug with a few bizarre designs on it however, it is mostly a dark green with a gray border. I have three small framed photos to the far left, on the desk. One is my Son, one is my Mom and the other is My Grandma. I have a laminated picture that shows a small kitten looking into a large floor mirror...the reflection the kitten sees is a full-grown lion. The caption says "What matters most is how you see yourself." This is hanging on the outside of the door to get to my writing space, I see it every time I enter the space.

Writing is an escape...writing is a world that you can release all and everything that is inside of your mind...you can bend and twist everything in any direction. Anything can happen. Imagination and creativity can work together to create powerful mental images by using words and phrases. There are no boundaries. No limits. No rules (with the exception of proper grammar) however, it's up to you if you even want to abide by those rules. You DonT EVen HAvE to gO by theM...You can do anything you want with the power of words. You can create anything. Any situation. Any world. Any character. Anything at all. The sky truly is the limit.

When I am in this writing space, I feel free. I feel like I am right where I belong. I feel like there is no other place I would rather be....every time. Thanks for reading. Much love, my friends.
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