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Slightly nonsensical poem about a bad day at the office, using emoticons.

Bad Day at Work

Fly me to the *Moon*
in a rocket ship *BalloonB*
as I *Paw* at the *Doorb*
of my sanity once more.
My head is on a *Hook*
and it's heading for the *Traincar1B* -
I was out last night til 1AM
in Southsea *Dog2* and *Duck*!
My *Key*board sits and mocks me
like a monkey in a *Tree*,
it's only half past ten and
I could use a *CoffeeB* of tea.
The *MailB* is piling up -
I feel like such a *PaciB*.
The *Phone* just keeps on ringing
and I really want my Mummy!
I'm on a downward spiral,
I'm on the misery *TrainB*,
the *Sun* has hid his face
and it has just begun to *Waterdrop*.
Half past three has come,
I've totally lost *Heart*.
I'm busy threading *Clip*'s
then pulling them apart.
I dream of desert *Beach*'s,
I feel so very tired.
I think of *Books4* and *ButterflyB*'s
and hope I won't get *Fire*d!
Now thank the Lord it's five PM,
I close the final *FolderB*.
I step out of my office
and my *Heart* begins to *Smile*

31 lines

NOTE: In case some people do not know, in England we call a *PaciB* a dummy *Smile*

NOTE 2: "Southsea" is an area of the City in which I live
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