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by Mr.Owl
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Jarrod undertakes a vital, and unknowingly danger task.
Jarrod knelt at the river and filled his flask. He had been in Ozark Forest for three days and had made no progress.

‘A wand is a Sorcerers most valuable tool. Even if one channels his power through the hands a wand is essential.’ His Master had explained.

His Master hadn’t explained how to find his wand. Only that it would come to him. Jarrod had cast many spells of finding but without success. Sullenly he stowed the filled flask returned to his search. Wishing he had a map so he could mark the places he had already searched.

He hadn’t gone far into the trees when he heard a low growl that seemed to echo all around him. Before he could martial any defense it lunged from the shadow’s; a Bane Wolf.

But it jumped with too much force, as it hit him it stumbled and rolled over him. Panic stricken Jarrod scrambled away as the beast found it’s footing. Stumbling on an upturned root Jarrod pitched forward into the undergrowth; striking his chin on something hard and tasting blood.

Dazed and knowing the beast was close he searched wildly for any sort of defense. As the beast prepared to jump again his hand closed around a piece of wood and felt power surge through him.

Without thought he rolled and slashed through the air before the wolf. A blinding flash of light lit the clearing and with a yelp the beast turned and ran.

Jarrod spit the blood from his mouth as he struggled up, bits of white revealed he had chipped a tooth. Turning from the little puddle he inspected his new wand. The small, eight inches of wood was part of a broken limb. With time though he would shape it into a tool of power.

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