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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Drama · #1944661
A poem of abandonment by a spouse.

My Love, life and treasured friend,
  you have spoken the words "this is the end."
After all the intimate moments we've shared,
  now I'm left feeling wounded, I thought you cared.

It's been twenty six years since the day we met,
  not one day together has brought me regret
until this final day with the Sun slowly dying,
  you jump without cause, your love you're denying.

Like a wild horse you run, you'll never look back,
  your longing for freedom has sent you off track,
but I'm helpless to change the way that you feel,
  your thoughts are misguided but you think they're real.

I see you weeping, your eyes full of sorrow,
  you won't tell me why or your plans for tomorrow.
I now must decide where in life I must travel.
  Like a gypsy my heart strings all come to unravel.

All the kisses and walks on the beach hand in hand,
  the concerts and movies and trips o'er the land,
seem to haunt me with torture as I help you pack.
  The dagger you've plunged is so deep in my back.

Now abandoned I feel the attack in my heart,
  and the words ever haunting, "till death do you part."
The years will go by, each day I'll spend grieving,
  and I'll think of you Dear, MY GOD, WHY ARE YOU LEAVING? 



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