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His Royal Majesty makes use of a whistle.
The King Has a Whistle.

The King has a whistle; he blows it all day.
  His servants rush in, his commands to obey!
If he runs out of bread he just blows on the thing,
  "BRING ME BREAD" he exclaims as he fondles his bling.

    When no one responds he gives note to his flute.
Two blows for his maid and three for his jester,
    four blows for the doctor if his blisters fester.

When he wants his Queen it's one blow from his lips
    so she regally enters, her King taunts her with quips!
The royal commander he summons with five,
    the thought of a war seems to make the King thrive!

With ten thousand troops he counts out the attack,
    six blows from his whistle bids them haste without lack!
Then after the tasks of the kingdom are finished
    the sounds from his whistle, abruptly diminish.

The Castle is still, but for chattering mice.
    The servants all happy, the silence is nice!
The Kings eye's are closed, his nostrils are snoring,
    a king with his whistle could hardly be boring!

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