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affection of a misery
to visualize is to hasten
in the end of time is the beginning of time
satisfaction is overlook
temptation is calling
misery is tempt at the outermost
solitary confinement is to redeem
loneliness conquer
the fall of the risen
to rise to misery it is an affection

the misery of escaping is a challenge
great graces rise to glory
the atmosphere is a place of redemption
from graces to glory its a tunnel of misery
escaping is a glorify moment
the moment of passion is to redeem
secluded in a moment of glory
the satisfaction is overlooked by redemption
great misery is great glory

great challenge is great misery
the challenge is put to standard
the misery is put to affection
affection rises,misery is put to grace
till the end of time redemption is put on hold
visualizations is confined
a touch of grace is a touch of misery
misery is a test of time
in the beginning there were grace and in the end of time there was misery
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