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Rated: 13+ · Documentary · Drama · #1944885
my life growing up wasn't so great for me
Life Through My Eyes
Imagine growing up going from house to house not knowing were you'll be next, well that was me at 8 years old.I have a older brother and two sisters but i really didn't see my older brother and sister it was just me and my little sister.Well let me start from were begins, my mother is and alcoholic which means alcohol is her life she drinks it when she wakes up till the time she is asleep. My mother also did drugs and being young and having stranger interview you and not knowing what was write and what was wrong to say i just said what i saw which i wish i didn't do because maybe my childhood could of been better maybe she would of changed maybe i could do better in school maybe it was just me.Soon later me and my little sister was sent to my ants far away from my mom, I hated it so much words couldn't explain i cried my sleep for night at a time i hated life and i hated myself most of all.I wasn't aloud to sleep with my little sister which i wanted to so bad because she was so little and she needed me more then ever right now but the only thing i could do for her is be strong but being 8 i didn't know how.Months later we were aloud to visit my mom every other weekend but she lost her home and was living in a shelter but every time i visited her she seemed to miss me so much and told me i would be home soon and i believed her but i new that would be a long time from now,i just wanted someone to tell me everything is okay and iam safe and my mom will get better but no body ever did,now i am sure your wondering were my father is but my mom didn't know who my dad was so i was left calling my older brothers father dad but he was inn prison so that didn't do me any good.But i was soon going to hear the worst news that i wasn't ready for...............
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1944885-life-through-my-eyes