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by Mr.Owl
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Advice that shouldn't have been taken was ignored.
“You’re such a kill joy, we’re going to be rich!” Duncan whined.

“You’re plan is too grandiose, this isn’t an Ocean’s movie. Plus, I’m already rich.” Alaric replied, bored.

“Yea, yea, you’re just jealous. Me and my crew will make twice your net worth each in a single score. It took you ten year.” Duncan sneered.

Alaric shook his head, it had taken him a decade by being careful, but he’d also never been caught; or stolen from anyone who couldn’t afford it.

“One of two things are gonna happen here. You’re gonna get caught, or killed.” Alaric said sternly, Duncan and his crew were smart but they were new…too new for this massive of a heist.

Not that Alaric thought it could be pulled off anyway.

“Don’t listen to him babe, he’s probably just mad that we aren’t giving away half our profits to charity.” Daniela interjected, wrapping her arms seductively around Duncan.

Alaric fought the urge to strangle the bitch while he gestured to the plans.

“You have no backup exit strategy, your plan for the surveillance is laughable and your not even taking into account the security guards.”

“Because we’re gonna be through the safe and long gone before the guards make their rounds.” Daniela hissed.

“That’s right baby.” Duncan crowed, smiling.

“This is a suicide mission. If you’re doing it than I’m out.” Alaric replied helplessly.

“Than we’re on our own. It was nice knowing you Al.” Duncan said as he handed him his coat.


‘Breaking news, the stand off at the Grandview bank is now over. Our sources confirm that all of the robbers have died in the SWAT incursion. Miraculously none of the hostages have been injured…” Alaric flipped off the TV.

“Nice knowing you Duncan.” Alaric sighed sadly.
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