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The Zimmerman Case was a clear case of self-defense.
The Case for Self-Defense

The protestors hold up signs and chant "No Justice for Trayvon" but do these people even have a clue as to what justice really is? I think not. The only "justice" these delusional people will accept is for George Zimmerman to be convicted of murder. It does not matter that all the facts in this case point to the fact that he acted in self-defense. No, facts are not wanted or needed for someone that only cares about furthering their own racist agenda.

To the media, race baiters and those people who look for any excuse to play the race card there is nothing, no amount of evidence that could be provided that would be proof in their eyes that this was exactly as it appears, a case of self-defense and nothing more.

This is not a racial issue at all even though the media and the Jessie Jackson's and Al Sharpton's of the world would love to turn it into one. Indeed George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not the white man they have tried so hard to perpetuate in their racist delusional minds,

If we examine the facts in this case anyone that is capable of even slight rational thought will see that this was not a racial crime, nor was it murder…this was text book self-defense. If you see this as anything else it could only be because you are a moron, a racist or quite possibly both.

Not about Race

It is always a tragedy when someone is killed, even more so when it's a young person. I am not trying to minimize this tragedy in any way, it's horrible that things like this happen in the first place and it's sad that with as far as mankind has evolved, we still can't seem to find a way to settle our differences that do not include violence. I am sorry this young man is dead, and I feel for his friends and family as well. But, making this something it is not does not change what happened.

My views on this case would be the same if the situation was reversed and Martin had shot Zimmerman. If the facts were exactly as they are now I would be expressing my support for Martin. To me color has nothing to do with it; it's all about the law and the facts.

If we are ever going to end racism in this country, we need to stop thinking that everything that happens is race related, it's not. That is not to say that racism does not exist in this country, it does. But more than not, it's the race baiters who are the racists.

Tragedies like this happen every day in our country, and as sad as that fact is, most of these cases never get a mention in the mainstream media and there are no cries of racism. In most cases not a word is ever spoken about them. In many of these cases the killing is within the same race. Where are the Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's of the world about the thousands of killings that take place every year by people of the exact same racial background?

The only time these race baiters raise their ugly heads is when it's a story they can exploit and cause racial unrest with. After all, if it were not for these types of stories these two media whores and others like them would fade away and have nothing to keep their faces in front of a camera about. They thrive on these types of stories because without them they would be shown to be the insignificant race baiting whores they really are. They need these stories to survive, to give them a purpose.

We need to stop giving these types of parasites media attention and stop letting them bait us with their racist views. If we really want to stop judging people by their color, we must first stop judging people by their color. This means we must stop trying to make everything about racism. Sometimes bad things happen and race has nothing to do with it.

People should ask themselves, is it really justice they seek or are they just racists who seek to further their own racist mantras? Ask yourself this question: If you had no information as to the race, age, gender or any other defining factors in this case would your opinion be the same? If all you knew was person Y got into a confrontation with person X and in that confrontation one of those people was killed and all you had to examine was the evidence that was void of any physical characteristics of either party, would you still hold your current position in this case? I would be able to answer yes on this question, would you?

What we know about George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman was Captain of his neighborhood watch.

George Zimmerman is a Hispanic male, but referred to in the media as a "white Hispanic"

He was raised in a racially integrated family and his great grandfather was an African American.

Earlier in life he partnered with a black friend to start a business.

He and his wife mentored and tutored minority children (many of which were African American) for free.

In his home town of Sanford Florida Zimmerman led an inquiry into the death of a homeless black man that was beaten by a white police officer resulting in the resignation of the Sanford police chief Brian Tooley. George Zimmerman through his actions had a real effect on the outcome of a case of what truly was racism, hardly sounds like the profile of a KKK member to me.

In fairness George Zimmerman had a previous arrest for which he was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Those charges were later reduced and then dropped. There was also a record of a restraining order being filed on him by his ex-fiancée for domestic violence.

None of this has anything to do with this case, but in the effort of full disclosure should be mentioned.

What we know about Trayvon Martin

What do we know about Trayvon Martin? It would depend on who you ask to know who this young man really was. If you ask his parents, family members or the media they will paint a picture of a 12 to 14 year old boy cut down in his youth while on the way back from the store after just buying some candy by a racist white man. If we examine the facts we will see this is not the case at all, in fact far from it.

Trayvon Martin was a young black man 5"11'' about 160 pounds. The reason I refer to him as a young man is because that is what he was, a young man, not a child as the media likes to portray him as.

Martin, a self professed drug dealer and "gangsta" that had been suspended from school numerous times for drug charges and fighting had been sent to live with his father for a while. Indeed Martin liked to brag to others that he liked fighting and there were many text messages on his cell phone stating exactly that when the police reviewed the text messages on his phone. Other text messages reveled that Martin told a friend he had just fought someone "Because that nigga snitched on me" and said he wants to fight him again because he did not bleed enough yet. Martin had a history of fighting.

He was messaged on his social media account as well several times and one of those messages read, "Damn where you at a nigga need a plant" (It is very likely that Martin was not a florist) by someone looking to purchase marijuana from Martin. Martin tested positive for marijuana and other drugs after his death. He had bragged many times to his friends and others that he was in fact a drug dealer as well as there being many pictures of him smoking marijuana and talking about other drugs on text messages and social networking websites.

But drug dealing and fighting were not the only extracurricular activities Martin liked to participate in. Martin had previously had his backpack searched at school and a screwdriver and other burglary type tools were found in it as well as several pieces of women's jewelry. It would seem that Martin was looking to expand his résumé by adding robbery to it as well.

Martin may have not been happy with such a short résumé as it was later reveled that Martin was attempting to acquire an illegal firearm just before his death according to text messages on his cell phone. Martin was quickly becoming the "gansta" he had always wanted to be it would seem.

On the night of his death, Martin took a long walk in the pouring rain to buy Skittles and a Watermelon Juice Cocktail. At first this seems innocent enough, but one might ask, why would someone go out into the pouring rain just to satisfy a craving for sweets? Upon further investigation I learned that Skittles and soda are two of the main ingredients in a drug cocktail known as "lean" or "Sizzurp" or Purple Drank" which requires Codeine, candy and a soft drink to make.

According to one of his Facebook posts Martin bragged about using "Lean" since June of 2011. In June of that same year Martin had asked a friend if he was a connection for Codeine. He then tells this friend that Robitussin and soda can make "some fire ass lean" I had it before and wants to make me some more." Lean can be compared to PCP or Ketamine in its effect. It causes physical or physiological effects that may be frightening or unpleasant. Chronic use can cause depression and or brain damage. Large doses are associated with psychotic breaks.

The autopsy performed on Martin showed signs of degrading of his liver known as mild fatty metamorphosis and his brain tissue compromised, both are signs of this type of drug abuse.

Not exactly the innocent child the media would like everyone to believe Martin was.

None of this has anything to do with this case, but in the effort of full disclosure should be mentioned.

Murder or Self-Defense?

Skip ahead to February 26th 2012 Zimmerman the neighborhood watch captain calls police to report a suspicious looking person walking slowly between houses in the rain, seemingly on drugs. The young man approached Zimmerman in his car then ran away.

Zimmerman then got out of his car to monitor Martin and told the dispatcher that he was doing so. The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to do that, but Zimmerman decides to follow anyway. Zimmerman loses track of Martin and starts to return to his car. According to Zimmerman, Martin then confronts Zimmerman and asks what his problem is. Zimmerman replies he has no problem and then Martin replies "well now you do" and punches him in the nose, breaking his nose and knocking him backwards onto the sidewalk.

According to eye witness testimony Martin then jumps on top of Zimmerman and starts punching him in the face and slamming his head into the concrete. At this point Zimmerman says he can neither see nor breathe.

Witnesses report that Zimmerman was screaming for help. One witness described Martin pounding Zimmerman with an MMA technique known as "Ground and Pound."

According to Zimmerman Martin saw his gun and said "you're going to die tonight Mother Fucker" and tried to reach for his gun. Zimmerman then grabbed the gun and shot at Martin striking him in the chest and killing him.

(A point to note here is the "Stand your ground law" is irrelevant in this case. Stand your ground implies that you do not have to retreat in a situation where your life may be in danger. If someone is on top of you pounding you into the ground there is no possibility of retreat in the first place, so this is not even a factor. As far as I can tell this is simply self defense.)

The only injuries to Trayvon Martin besides the gunshot wounds were to his knuckles which of course would be due to punching someone repeatedly. Zimmerman on the other hand had multiple head lacerations and bruises, his nose was broken and he had 2 black eyes. Zimmerman also had grass stains on the back of his jacket indicating that he indeed was the one lying on the ground.

During a police interview with Zimmerman a police officer lied to Zimmerman and told him that the whole incident was caught on tape, to which Zimmerman replied "thank God."

(Another thing that needs to be mentioned here is Zimmerman's account has been collaborated by all available evidence in this case. The prosecution was not able to discredit any of this evidence.)

The facts are this:

Zimmerman broke no laws by being in the neighborhood watch or believing that Martin was acting suspiciously. He also broke no laws for calling the police to report what he saw and asking for assistance. In addition he broke no laws for not following the dispatcher's suggestion to not follow Martin and continuing to observe Martin.

Martin broke no laws by asking Zimmerman why he was following him or telling him that now he had a problem. (It's perfectly legal to verbally confront someone)

However the moment Martin physically assaults Zimmerman he has committed the crime of assault and by continuing to attack him it is now battery. Once Martin said "you are going to die Mother Fucker and began to pound his head into the concrete it then becomes attempted murder.

At this point if we accept the evidence as it stands, that same evidence that seems to fit into Zimmerman's account of what happened and to which the prosecution could not prove to be wrong, then at this point Zimmerman is on the ground, he can't see or breathe from having his nose broken and head pounded into the concrete and he is being told he is going to die.

Forget about race, forget about age differences, and forget about all the images of Martin being a defenseless child and Zimmerman being a racist or that this was a white on black crime that the media has painted. At this point there is someone who cannot see, cannot breathe, his skull has been pounded into the concrete to the point he may lose consciousness at any point and he has been told he is going to die, right now.

This is the point where deadly force can and should be used. Your life has to be in immediate danger and if this does not apply then when would it apply?

Also remember that although Zimmerman has been armed this whole time, he has not chosen until this point to take his weapon out and use it. If the facts are just as they have been described here and found to be correct in a court of law with this evidence not being able to be refuted by the prosecution, if these are in fact the actual events of what happened that night Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, if this does not constitute self-defense in your mind what would?

A true Tragedy

The media and the race baiters lie in wait for a tragedy to happen such as this and when the facts in the case do not meet their racist expectations, they will contort the facts until they do. They would have loved nothing more than for George Zimmerman to be a white man. In fact I am sure when they first heard his last name they almost reached an orgasmic level of race baiting magnitude only to be disappointed later to learn he was in fact a Hispanic man instead. Not to worry though, they quickly tried to transform him into the redneck KKK card carrying member they had originally hoped that he was.

This is not a case about race, and it never was. This was a very tragic event for everyone and there are many people to blame. For Martin for the obvious reason that he is dead now, but for more than just that. His parents for failing in their job as parents to raise him in such a way that would have lead him away from the "gansta" life and into a productive member of society, indeed they are more to blame than anyone for what happened in this case. Although they would like to use Zimmerman as a scapegoat for their failed attempt at parenting, they need only look in a mirror to see who is really to blame.

Zimmerman because he did not make the smartest of decisions in his actions that night also shares some of the blame, and will also pay as well as this will not be over anytime soon for him, even though he was acquitted of murder, he will still have to live with the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life. Not to mention he may still face a civil lawsuit as well.

For humanity because we are all people and the more we let others divide and conquer us, the more we lose as well. We need to learn to stop looking at people in terms of the amount of pigment in their skin and start judging them on character instead.

Some will read this and immediately throw the race card and accuse me of being a racist for not defending Martin in this case. This is nothing more than an attempt on their part to disguise their own racism. For anyone who knows me, they know I am not a racist. I judged Martin on character and character alone.

If we really want to stop judging people by the color of their skin, then let's stop judging people by the color of their skin. Instead let's judge them by their character. Race baiters are no different than racists; they are one in the same.

This was a case of self-defense period, nothing more. Don't let the media and the race baiters of the world lead you down the path of tribalism. We are all just people, some of good character and some of bad. Let's recognize those of bad character for just that and not for the color of their skin.

If the facts as we know them to be do not justify self-defense in this case, then there is no such thing as self-defense.

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