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Awaking to a world of green.

In the morning when Jatog had put away dreams,
he discovered the world was a mixture of greens.
He of course thought of grass and the grain of green beans,
but was shocked at the sight of greenish sunbeams.

As he went to the window in his Spartan den,
he saw beyond the treetops a bright blazing sun.
Yet the star was too green and when Jatog was done
with his quick solar peek he grabbed notebook and pen.

I must write of it all, Jatog thought pensively;
I awoke to a world that’s exclusively green!
Both the sky and the sun are a pastoral scene--
has the Almighty turned everything green for me?

O I favor the greens, for in green there is life;
and I’m feeling quite giddy like I am a laugh.
Was this green transformation done on my behalf
by an artist with green sleeves whose talent is rife?

It was green everywhere as Jatog walked the street;
on a maple leaf he saw a green colored bead.
O the watery dew forms as trees breathe and bleed,
Jatog mused, as he strode on the green of concrete.

So he took out the notebook from his pocket shirt
and as someone who considered green as the word
started writing a sonnet because he was stirred
in this new world of green where he felt so alert.

24 Lines
Writer’s Cramp
August 1, 2013

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