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by Linda
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #1945695
Feel good story about family and diversity and adoption mainly for young children.
The little fox hid under the trees, panting from running so fast.  Could he outrun the lone wolf that was chasing him or should he hide?  There is no one to help him.  He can't climb trees - he's not a cat and doesn't have the nails for climbing.  He can't outrun the wolf; his legs are too short .At least that's what the the little fox thought.  Another possibility - maybe he could hide under a rock or in a hole, maybe he could swim across some water and escape.  But he's not sure he knows how to swim.  Time is running out.  The wolf suddenly caught up with the fox!!  It was a mama wolf and she sniffed the little fox all over (he was a very young fox).  His whole body shook as he tried to hold very still.  She sniffed his head, then she tasted him!!! OMG he thought , this is it!  I'm never gonna see my mommie again, or my brothers and sisters.  He wondered if it will hurt when she eats him.  He continued to shake, but held as still as he possibly could and looked up the mama wolf with wild, frightened eyes.  One lonesome tear fell from his eye and the mama wolf licked it and continued to wash the little fox all over with her big pink tongue and he just waited for death.  What is she doing he wondered.  Finally she lay on her side and exposed her belly and then he saw something - nipples dripping with milk.  He couldn't help himself he wiggled up close to her and snuggled into her fur and began to drink her milk.  And Mama wolf then nuzzled him and pulled him closer with her big paws.  After he nursed they slept for a while all warm and safe and snuggly.  Later after a good nap they got up and began walking.  They rested when the little fox tired.  He wondered where his own Mama was.  He hadn't seen her for more than a day, and he was worried  about her, but he kept walking with the wolf.  Whereever she went he followed closely.  When he got tired she waited and nuzzled him and let him nurse when he was hungry.  They seemed to understand each other.  They were different, but still very much alike: both were in the canine family, both were meat eaters, and both hunted.  Maybe they were cousins the little fox thought - that must be it.  No that can't be it, maybe she's an aunty or a big sister.  But  I didn't know her before so how can that be?  He thought about this for a bit then asked her in animal
language "Are you my aunt or a cousin?  How did you find me?"  She looked at him and nuzzled
him again and gave him a little lick.  Then she told him that fate had guided them, and they found
each other at a time when they really needed each other.  She had milk left from her pups, and he
needed to eat because he was lost from his mama.  It was almost a perfect match. She reminded him that it didn't need to be a perfect match - just a good one.  They liked each other, they needed each other, and they could help each other for a long time (until the little fox was all grown up and moved out of the wolf's den).

The mama wolf and fox finally arrived at the wolf pack camp.  Some of the wolves growled at the little fox, but Mama wolf told them sternly "Non of that!! This is my little boy fox, and you will be nice to him and play with him and will not hurt him.  When he's all grown he can leave or join our pack and stay with us, but until then he's part of our family.  Does everyone understand that?"  They all said yes (nobody ever argued with Mama wolf)  and asked his name.  Momma wolf said "His name is Freddy Fox".  Then they all howled hello and took him under their "wings" so to speak.  So the little fox who was all alone and afraid found a new family, and they all grew to  love him too.  And mama wolf took a nap and the others kept an eye on Freddy so he wouldn't get lost again. Freddy
became an adopted son to the mama wolf.

Years later when Freddy was all grown, people who spotted the little fox running with a wolf pack were shocked.  When they told this story to friends and newspapers nobody believed it.  But we know it was true.  And if you are wondering what happened to the mama wolf's cubs - nothing.  They had just grown up and didn't need to nurse anymore, and eventually mama wolf's milk would have dried up if she hadn't found the little fox.

Do you think what happened with this wolf and fox is unusual?  It is a bit unusual, but stranger things have happened and been photographed and written about.  Certainly it doesn't happen every day, but when it does it shows us how we can all help each other when needed  and be friends - no matter how different we might be. 

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