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They fold the flag for a soldier resting in the grave. [Honoring Our Veterans entry]
*Peace* Fold The Flag *Peace*

To Michael A. Monsoor  

They call you a hero, it was just another day.
Maybe without thinking you gave your life away.
Was it duty that drove you, or a tender heart?
Did you wonder at the end or was it like the start?

Was it the smoke of the guns or the sun in your eyes?
Was the last thing you saw the dirt or the skies?
As the bullets whistled by perhaps you were afraid.
No one is superhuman, but you sprung on that grenade.

They talk of good deeds, of noble sacrifice.
But weren’t you just a man who paid the final price?
They say that you were good; quiet, loving, fun.
You were more than that: you showed us we had won.

You proved that humanity, in battle, fear and thirst,
Can rise above itself even at its worst.
The SEALs stood in two columns to render their salute.
They slapped down their Tridents with feeling deep and mute.

A Medal of Honor will never do, nor words of commendation.
Please accept from us the gratitude of a nation.
What we mean we never can in many words convey,
Our tears we can but offer to express what we would say.

They fold the flag for a soldier resting in the grave.
Tell the children of his actions, tell them he was brave.
Respect him for his courage, honour his decease.
You will never be forgotten: we pray you rest in peace.

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*Peace* Honoured to have been awarded Grand Prize in "HONORING OUR VETERANS

Merit Badge in Military
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