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The summarized biography and background of my Dark Heresy Character, Elynora.
Elynora’s parents, Roman and Marta, held a special place in their hiveworld. They were specialists trained to clean and repair the water systems that delivered drinkable water to the overcrowded population. The practice had been passed down through Roman’s family, and he had taught it to his wife as soon as they were sure to marry. Making enough to afford a roomier living space than most, they had their first child, Rey. Teaching him the basics of the job they hoped he’d inherit, they successfully raised him into a fairly happy, healthy kid. Ten years after Rey, Marta and Roman prepared for another child. This time, the pregnancy was harder on Marta, but she weathered through. However, a month before the baby’s due date, Marta suddenly went into labour. After a long and arduous battle that was wrought with complications, Marta gave birth to her and Roman’s daughter, Elynora, losing her own life in the process.

With the family’s income cut back down to one main breadwinner, the family space shrunk a little even as Roman worked overtime to provide for Rey and his baby sister. As Elynora, who they called “Nora" for short, grew older, they soon discovered her blindness. They had suspected that something was wrong with her sight, but she had always turned towards whoever was speaking and seemed to notice people moving. She was rarely surprised by hiding games or things like peek-a-boo. Nora and Rey were very close, the elder brother carrying his little sister on his back through crowds and teaching her what he could about the water systems. Eventually, Roman and Rey started leaving her home alone while Rey went to work with his father. The work was hard and disgustingly dirty to Rey, who started to despise it. This led to many arguments between Roman and him, as he started to speak of leaving the hiveworld to go to greener, cleaner pastures. However, Rey did recognize one reason to stay: Elynora. Realizing that there was something he had to do, he started taking extra work, doing odd jobs and grunt work to save up for something very important. Eventually, between his savings and supplemental savings from Roman, they were able to afford cybernetic implants for Nora’s eyes. Her useless eyeballs were taken out and replaced with connectors that could potentially work with most styles of visors or lenses. Starting with a simple visor that went around her forehead with round lenses for “eyes", Nora finally saw her father, brother, and a picture of her mother for the first time. Shortly after, Rey, now 18, took what was left of his savings and left the family to look for his cleaner world.

Roman was devastated by Rey’s disappearance, but not as much as Nora was, who had been raised more by her brother than her father. Of course, Nora did still love Roman, and building from what knowledge Rey had given her, she started working with her father at around 13. She took to the work easier than her older brother, which was a relief to Roman. Things still seemed a little off, as tools seemed to move without being touched, even when no evidence of tampering had been found, making Nora very nervous. Roman joked about “haunted passageways", but Nora still felt uneasy. One day, when Nora was 15, she and her father were working on cleaning out old pipes, a task that required her father to turn a lever in a higher chamber, and Nora to fasten a valve. A low rumble emitted from above, and then the sound of gushing water. Roman almost made it to Nora, shouting for her to close the safety hatch. Nora nearly made it to the hatch, fearfully glancing behind at her father, who just couldn’t keep up. The water claimed him as he yelled at her to run, yelled for her to be safe in a last desperate prayer to the Emperor. Nora tripped just past the hatch, turned to face the oncoming tumble of water in horror, and in a bright, sudden flare of psychic energy the hatch slammed shut inches away from the water. Blood gushing from her nose and her head pounding from the exertion, Nora slowly wiped the last drops of water from her face, looked down at her hand, then faced up with an anguished cry as she passed out. When she came to, she was in an infirmary, not only surrounded by medical staff, but a couple of more experienced psykers there to mask her presence from daemons of the warp. Her father did not make it, and Nora awaited the Black Ships alone and in silence.

One of the Black Ships finally arrived. Nora didn’t care to find out what its name was, and didn’t respond to the queries of the other psykers being taken aboard. Nothing mattered to her; there was nothing left. Her brother was gone, her father dead, and now she had to deal with the stress of being around other psykers. Their “auras" were much brighter and sharper than what she was used to. It hurt her head, but she didn’t care. In the bleak darkness of the black cells, she didn’t even try to take care of her cybernetic lenses, and so they fell apart from disuse. She didn’t care. Elynora didn’t mind the darkness, she’d been there before. After what felt like a lifetime on the ship, but was really only one year and a half, she was unloaded onto Terra. Her training started, and she went through the motions. After successfully completing most tests, she started to notice that they were getting harder and harder. Still, unfazed and stoic, she pressed on through the challenges, figuring they were harder because she was starting to fail. To her, she felt as if all of her systems were shutting down. Gradually she started to notice some differences. She was moved from a cold, hard room to a warmer room with a bed. Her food was a little better. Someone took off her old, broken, crusty lenses. Suddenly, Nora’s eyes were being cleaned and prepared for new lenses. When she turned them on for the first time, she actually felt a small surge of amazement at the higher quality - no static, no black outs, full color instead of dulled. After that, a small nagging feeling formed in the back of her head, and it slowly grew until she couldn’t ignore it anymore. Nora felt like someone was watching her. Being faced with this possibility made her wonder why. Why would they be interested in her, who was struggling through lessons now? Why do they care? Did they give her the new lenses? Those and the procedure were certainly not cheap. For the first time in years - she had arrived on Terra when she was 17, and she was now 19 - she felt the need to advance and push harder to complete and succeed. Two more years passed and then she received a summons to go to an Inquisitor. Unfortunately, he was out on business not on Terra, so she was going to be essentially shipped to where he was on a fast, small ship. For the first time in many, many years, Nora had an opportunity to reacquaint herself with a mirror. While fixing up her hair, she came across something very odd. A streak of grey in her hair that started just above her left temple and continued down to just about how long her hair was when she was 15. Nora decided to leave her hair as is to remind her of how much she had changed, and then got ready, patiently waiting to meet her Inquisitor. The end of her beginning had come, and the 21 year old looked forward to her new life serving in the Inquisition with a new-found hope.

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