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short story, man has gift. He can change people's life.

Let me introduce myself to you I’m the messenger. What is my message? Well I’m very glad you asked. Let me tell you a little story. Once in my past, not too long ago I uttered a phrase that sent me into a different realm of life and that of existence. I spent time learning how to adjust my behavior within myself and towards my fellow man. Now for that, I must live out the remaining days of my life here on earth with a mission. To make sure that what I saw witnessed and learned will be communicated to others.
It was a crowded bar, a local hangout where people went to have a good time visiting with old friends and new. The cliental spent countless hours telling tales, reliving the past and dreaming about the future. The juke box was loud, however no one complained. The music ranged in all types of musical selections. Thanks to modern improvements there was not a song that has been sung or played musically that was not available for the patron’s selection. I was there observing, spending a few minutes of my hectic day when a fight broke out between two men. It seems that one man had to get up and leave his table for an undetermined amount of time. His glass of beer and wicker basket of salted peanuts remained on the table awaiting the man’s return. When he did return another man had taken his place at the very same table even though he was told by a very kind waitress that someone was sitting there.
“I’m very sorry.” The one man said, “This is my table that is my seat, that glass of beer is mine. I beg you to leave at once.”
“This beer,” The other man spoke his tone of voice was sharp and loud. “This beer?” he repeated. And with that he picked up the glass and poured the contents of the glass upon the peanut shell covered floor.
The shouting match ignited and no one stepped in to calm the two men down. That is until I took it upon myself to calm down the situation. The second man uttered words that were not proper in any situation and he directed his comments directly towards me.
“Butt out of this you old man. This conversation does not involve you in any way shape or form.”
“You are wrong sir,” I spoke politely with a civil tongue. “You must realize that your behavior is underlining the purpose of why we are here tonight. We are here to have a good time, and to enjoy the fellowship of man.”
His reply was as sharp as a knife. It ended with the usual man made comment we have all uttered at one time of another and that is what set me off. “You go to Hell old man!” his voice was filled with hatred, it was ruff and I truly believe that he meant every word of his statement.
“No sir,” I replied. I pointed my right hand index finger towards the man. “Sir it is you that should go to Hell.” And as I finished my statement, the man disappeared.
I turned and made my retreat into the crowd. With all the confusion and extra talking going on I just blended into the cliental and made of my leave. I left my unfinished glass of beer still at the bar. Once outside I started walking towards my residence. I rounded the first corner and stop at a window display of the sporting goods store that was on the corner. There I was confronted by a voice behind me.
“I’m very sorry to disturb you sir.”
I turned around to find myself confronted with a blind woman, and her seeing eye German Sheppard dog. “May I help you?” I asked.
Her voice was soft and passionate “You know you have a very distinct walk.” She continued when I did not interrupt her. “It is your left leg; did you break it sometime in your past?”
“Why yes I did.” I replied quizzically.
“It must have been a nasty situation as I’m sure it was broke in several locations.”
Again I replied yes, as I was also shaking my head in agreement. I caught myself and stopped when I saw my reflection in the store front window.
“Are you a magician?” she asked. “I’m puzzled in how you made that man in the bar disappear.”
“No” I answered back, “I’m just a messenger.” I cleared my throat with a cough and continued.
“I sent him to a special place. A place of his choosing it is just a temporary setback and depending on his attitude he will be there for one to thirty days. At the conclusion of his time served he will return to the very spot of his departure. He will not remember the incident and will have no recollection of his leaving. What will be remembered are his lessons learned while he is away? His mind and heart will be altered from this day forward until his last.
“Please tell me more sir.” She spoke in such a loving voice. “You see I’m a doctor of psychology. I teach it at the local Community College. My name is Dr. Margret Smith” She did not allow me interrupt. She continued her train of thought. “Can you go into more detail of your situation?” she asked.
Like the juke box in the bar I began to talk without her hesitation. “My name is Walter Honeycutt.” We walked and talked along the way to my apartment just blocks away from our present location. She asked me to continue my conversation as we reached the steps to my home. I asked if she would be interested in finishing my talk up in my apartment. She said yes. I advised her that there were seven steps up to the landing by the front door. Once in we walked to the elevator. I pushed the button, the door opened, we stepped in and I pushed the button for the fourth floor. Once in my apartment I asked if she wished to have something to drink. I supplied her with a glass of sweet tea and also included a bowl of water for her dog. I allowed her to sit in my easy chair, then after adjusting myself on my couch I went back to my conversation.
We learn lessons in life starting a very young age. The age of innocence I said. It is only later in life that we learn to make adjustments to our beliefs within our mind.
“And our hearts” she spoke.
“No I said.” My voice rose up an octave; I knew this as I looked at the dog, its ears perked up. It started to growl and showed me all its fine shinny teeth. Margret interrupted my talk, “Ethan,” she said. “Down boy, it is ok.” I apologized for my tone. Then I continued hearts and kidneys and other organs are just tinker toys to the human body. It is the brain and the central nerves system that guides our daily existence. This and this alone makes up our existence. The way we think, act, the words we speak all come from within the brain. Oh it is comforting to say to someone that you have a warm heart felt feeling towards them however it your actions that speak volumes in all actuality.
I was sent to this place because of my salted tongue. I spoke out of turn. I spoke without thought, and I paid dearly for my decision. Now I carry this burden with me forever. I could not believe how hot it was. I worked tirelessly, trying to make amends for my actions. I was not alone. The room then rooms were completely packed with people. I was warned not to talk back. I was told to do my tasks completely without help from anyone else. We were allowed to talk among ourselves but I choose to be silent. I wanted out of this place and worked diligently to make this become a reality. I was told that I was to remain at my present location for seven days. If I finished my duties without hesitation and without the signs of complaints I could possibly leave earlier.
I found out that the severity of your punishment was dictated by your actions in real life and while you were incapacitated. For example, there were people working at a very hectic pace, without any breaks, food or sleep. I found out by listening with my ears and not my voice that those people that broke any of God’s Ten Commandments where held at a different location and that the punishment was severe and forthwith.
Because of the over crowdedness time was spent around the clock without knowing when you might be released. As is our present day prison system in local, state and federal prisons. Served time is taken away depending on your achievement to better yourself. Showing remorse and a new found love for your fellow man was the key to your departure from this new found existence.
Thanks to my grandfather clock in the hallway that banged out nine times we were both surprised at how quickly the time had passed. My lady friend and her companion had to depart and she did. As she got up from the chair she told me that she would never forget my footsteps and asked me if I would allow her to touch my face and hands. I gave permission without delay.
Her hands were soft as they traced along my forehead and down my checks. She held my outstretched arms and ran her fingers over mine. “Left-handed,” She said. “Just another reason why I’d like to meet you again, do you think that sometime soon we could continue this discussion?” She made a final comment that she too was left handed and that left handed people had to stick together. “We are outnumbered,” She said. I walked her down to the street. I made the suggestion that I might be allowed to walk her home. Her reply caught me off guard. “No thanks, she said. “Not needed I have all the protection I need right here and she bent down a petted her dog behind its ear. I swear to you the dog smiled at me. I bid her goodnight and watched as she walked away into the night blending into the darkness of the night.
I got back into my apartment and cursed myself as we did not exchange our phone numbers. I found comfort in remembering that she worked for the local Community College. In a few days I planned my new approach.
The missing man from the bar made his comeback to the amazement of the local community that had put an all out blitz to find him. The police had their story from the patrons that frequent the establishment. However they had not a clue as to the disappearance of the man nor did they have any clues as to the culprit who committed the crime. Although there was no real crime committed at all. For I knew that he would return and true to my words, when he was asked what had happen to him he had no recollection. The local newspaper and television news station ran an ongoing report of his story. When his friends and close family were interviewed for comments everyone held the same conclusion. Since his disappearance, he had returned a new man. He no longer smoked cigarettes, his use of foul and degrading language had ceased. His long time female companion even remarked how he was more considerate towards her and others. His work force companions all agreed that he was more helpful around the office. He had tidied up his cubicle, gone was the risqué calendar that hung on his petitioned wall. He showed a new lease on life. Just like I the messenger had predicted.
Several weeks have now passed and the story has become a ghost whisper. Two more people in the community had disappeared. The two people one man and one woman both vagrant and homeless sheltered people that were never on the rolls of the community to begin with. Would they return to civilization with a new lease on life or would they be destined to be repeaters to the aforementioned place of learning through pain and suffering. I wanted to once again have a meeting with the good doctor Margret. However trying to arrange a meeting became a hindrance so I did the next best thing I could think of.
I decided to do the noblest of ideas, I went back to college. Not full time mind you, I still have my job thank you. I wanted to take a class taught by my famous Dr. Margret Smith. So I enrolled. I was told that she had four classes schedule for this the spring term. The first three were already slotted and because of school’s policy the classes were already filled to capacity. The forth class was just added and because of this new addition the instructor listed would be listed as TBA to be announced. The time slotted for this class would start at one PM. Perfect I thought, I paid the tuition with my credit card. I was pleased to know that I was the first to register for the class. I would have to wait eight days to see her again. The class was set for a Tuesday and Thursday, two hours on Tuesday and one on Thursday. At this time I became proud of the fact that I’m self-employed as I can easily disguise being away from the office for the one hour the remaining hours spent away would become my late lunch hours.
On Tuesday I promptly left my office at twelve-thirty and headed to the community college. I underestimated the parking problem at this institution and it took me quite a while to find a decent parking place. I managed to arrive in the first of four large buildings with only minutes to spare before I would be late for my first class. As I entered the building a young man passed me on my right. Had I been a police officer I would have given him a ticket for walking way to fast. He was neither running nor trotting but his footwork was unmistakable he knew his way around the campus. His looks were immaculate except for two features that had everyone that he passed taking a double look. His hair was slicked down with enough grease and oil that I’m sure if his automobile was low on oil he could supply the amount needed by just running his hands through his hair. The other distinct trait that stood out was the aroma as he walk passed everyone. The aftershave cologne he was wearing gave me the impression that Pepe Lapue had just passed us by looking for the cat with the stripe of white paint painted on her back. He certainly turned heads and had no idea what so ever about the whispering that started after he walked by. I had to get to the second floor and was really surprised when I discovered I had to follow the aroma king. At the top of the stairs I glanced upon the opposite wall and found out that I had to turn to my right and this would lead me to my destination, again I followed the smell. Mid-way down the hall I realized that the room I needed was coming up on the left. I also noticed as did others as we got close that every room had two doors and both were open except the room we were going to. I was truly amazed on how many students kept reaching for the locked door handle as if they had the Midas touch that would unlock the door. When I got to the doorway I hesitated to allow three girls to enter before me. As I entered I could not believe what I saw. There was not an empty seat available. Students were beginning to line up against the back wall and the side wall away from the door. I was also surprised to see our aroma king sitting in a seat. He must have sat down in the last seat available. Just as I was about to mumble to myself that he should get up and offer his seat to some young girl standing nearby, I watched our gallant knight stand up and motion to a girl standing not too far away to come and take his seat. Holly cow I thought to myself miracles do exist after all. I leaned against the wall and just as my back hit solid drywall the bell began to ring. When is stopped, the room became as quite as a mortuary. No one spoke.
Dr. Margret Smith was sitting on the right edge of her table. Legs crossed she was twitting her thumbs in a circle within her grasped hands. She wore air force mirrored sunglasses. Her blond hair curled at the bottom just above her shoulders. She looked beautiful. She ran her tongue across her lips and began a monolog of introduction.
“Would someone close the rear door please? And lock it also. The bell has sounded and from this moment on any student that needs to be in class will not be permitted to. Late is late and I do not except any excuses. If you look upon the black board you will see my name it is Doctor Margret Smith. Not mame, not miss, not hey you, or teach. I busted my arse to get my PHD is psychology and I want all the respect that those three letters stand for” She paused then started her speech again. “Does anyone have a problem with that?” she asked. The room remained silent. Hearing no replies, she continued her speech once again. “For those of you that did not bother to look at your registration slip this class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Two hours on Tuesday starting at one PM sharp and one hour on Thursday also starting at one PM. Because this class was added onto the curricular at such a late date the teachers name could not be added. So I realize that many of you students did not purchase the class book yet, we will have plenty of time to get that rectified here real soon. This is psychology 101 human behavior. A class needed by almost everyone that expects to get a degree from this institution. You paid for the class and I will instruct. I will not tolerate any student being absent from class. Unless you are dying you will be here and on time. Homework will be done promptly. As for testing as I’m the teacher I feel it is my prerogative to hold a test at anytime of my choosing, except for mid and final term exams. I will not allow any type of misbehavior. I do not permit gum chewing in my classes as some students give me the impression that I have a heard of grazing cows in class and it disturbs not only me but others. I will not allow tape recorders in this class, so if you brought yours into class and plan on using it I suggest you keep the switch in the off position. I want your respect as a teacher and in return you shall receive mine as a student.
There was a pause in her voice. Then she continued. “I think that about raps up my good morning talk.” Then she paused once more. “Oh one more thing I think you all might need to know.” She unfolded her hands and with her right hand above her head she snapped her thumb and her index finger. From underneath her desk that she was sitting on, a German Sheppard Seeing Eye dog appeared and it sat down beside her and it looked out into the class. The dogs tongue was panting as if it was talking. Good old Ethan her protector. What started out as a whisper, “My God she is blind!” in the front of the class became a roar as it reached us standing at the rear wall. The room was a buzz.
“Quiet” Doctor Smith shouted, and then apologized for her outburst. “Yes, yes I’m blind. You cannot put the light into mine or Ray Charles eyes. If you have a problem with that, then there is only one thing that you can do. Please would someone reopen up the rear door? A young girl was the first to reach for the door knob and she was also the first to make her exit. The room regained the gentle roar of voices asking questions aimed at no one in particular. Then Mr. Aroma king had to add his two cents into the discussion. He did not see how anyone that was blind could teach. He started asking silly questions as “Who grades the papers if you cannot see them? How do you know who we are? We could have a substitute student fill in for us at anytime you’d never know. Dr. Smith was making her way to the rear of the class as other students were also leaving by this time I had counted up to ten. The male student was relentless in his bashing the instructor. So much so that I spoke up and asked him to step outside. His next dialog was directed towards me. “Keep out of this old man.” I wanted to say something but did not get the time as he continued quickly. “This has nothing to do with you.”
“Yes it does.” I said, “It is a thing called respect. Apparently your ears do not work; maybe there is too much oil in your ear passage ways that have dripped down from your hair. I grabbed his arm. He pulled away as he reached the door and started his exit. “Go to Hell old man.” He uttered. I responded the only way I knew how “No son, you need to go.” And I pointed my finger. The only sounds heard by those close to the door were my footsteps returning to class. As I re-entered I did with a thunderous applause. There was only one person not amused, and for that I was truly sorry for my outburst. My presence had been compromised. Doctor Smith was kind enough not to expose me. She walked back towards the front of the class. When she turned around to face her class the number of students had dwindled down by over twenty-five students. Some had left via the front door of the class. She announced that this would be a good time to have a break. “If you can go to the bookstore and purchase the book. The name of the book and the author is on the board. If you cannot get the book today please purchase it by Thursday reading chapters 1 through 3. If you plan on getting the book today please meet back her by two PM sharp. Once again she started walking towards the rear of the class. Midway down the aisle she made her final remark for this first hour of the class. OK students class is dismissed.
I was not prepared for her next comment. “Mr. Honeycutt may I have a word with you, before you leave? I stopped in my track and let my fellow students make their way out of the class. “Yes Doctor Margret Smith may I help you?” I said. “I need to see you in my cubical would you be so kind as to follow me to my office?” I told her that I had to go by the bookstore and purchase my text book. “Oh, I’m afraid that will not be needed. Please allow me to explain.”
I followed the instructor and her companion back to her office. The dog seemed to remember me also as its tail wagged and it kept looking up at me as if it were smiling. I had the impression I had gained a new friend.
The instructor coughed as to clear her throat. “I asked you to my office for several specific reasons. First and foremost I appreciate your standing up for me, and sort of defending my honor. However you are not my prince charming and I feel that I alone can defend myself when it comes to unruly students that show no self respect towards themselves or others.” I was shocked and hurt. I was also glad that the lady standing in front of me was blind for I must have had a real shocked look on my face. I sensed that she knew that somehow, when she spoke to me once again. “I have to be just a little blunt the second reason I have asked you to follow me here is if I may say so not to hurt your feelings in any way shape or form. I have no idea why you would want to attend one of my classes. Please do not get the wrong impression however I felt that your college days were behind you.”
I agreed with her every point. I tried to bring up the tried and true old saying that one never stops learning however my words failed to make the point. I told her that if she did not want me as a student maybe just maybe we could remain friends. She agreed. Then out of her mouth came this phrase, that left me puzzled. “Elkaar de hand schudden.” Her companion that stood at her side now sat, looked at me and reached out his left paw. I realized quickly it was her way of sealing the deal. I got down in a catchers position and reached out my hand and shook Ethan’s paw. It smiled at me then it made a movement towards me. With a very red wet tongue I received a very slobbery kiss.
The telephone in her office rang and it ended our moment in the sun. I left her cubicle and walked ever so slowly to the registers office to withdraw from the class. My tuition would be refunded back into my checking account within the next ten days. I had no trouble with that. What I did have trouble with was the fact that I could not get Margret off my mind. As hard as I tried to forget her and her dog, the more they remained on top of my list of things to do today. One day lead to the next and before long it had become day two-fifteen. I wanted to celebrate my sorrow. There was no better place in the city then Patrick’s Bar and Grill. Three weeks away from the seventeenth of March I decided to start celebrating early.
I was surprised to find the place almost empty until I remembered that today was the day of the big basketball rematch between the blues. Would the dark overtake the light or would the light blue rein over the top once again. I was neutral my heart always bleed a different color and no one knew it, because I kept that little secrete to myself. It was a business decision that I learned very early after moving just a little ways up north from the Deep South. I downed the first two beers rather quickly. Usually I pace myself but tonight I had nothing to hide and nothing to lose. Midway through the third glass my body had a calling. I made my way towards the gentleman’s longue. I opened the door to find the little room almost filled to capacity. The center urinal not being used at present time begged me to put it to good use. The man that stood to my right was a big man. And when I say big, I mean it. He stood almost at seven feet. I had a friend once in college. He was the quarterback and stood six foot five. I remembered getting a crick in my neck every time we talked. With this man next to me I almost could not stretch my head back enough to see him. He glanced over towards me.”Takes just a little bit longer to drain my leg then you eh sport?” I just nodded. He continued, “I’m new in town, just got transferred from the west, whow! What a city. This place is a dump.”
“OK” I said, “Big man I think you have had enough.” With that said he turned towards me. He was still relieving himself all over my right shoe. I went into a rage. And he joined me. Patrons that were politely waiting their turn decided to leave. There would be another time. One thing lead to another and the words and phrases kept being shot out and returned fire. Then he went too far. He crossed over the ledge. With my index finger poised I uttered the messenger’s phrase. Within a few seconds the voices died down and I stood alone in the facility. Unknown to me a little old man exited from one of the toilet stalls. He never looked up, and never looked my way. I made my retreat from the restroom back to the bar. I looked around for the little old man but he was nowhere to be located.
I asked for a new glass and started where I had left off. I was there to drown my memory. I had plenty of money thanks in part to a hefty bonus I received for the hard work done the month before. Three glasses later found me no closer to my objective then it happened. It was after all, bound to happen sooner or later. I knew I had to find a new location. That became impossible as this place Patrick’s was the only one within walking distance home. I knew better than to drive under the influence, I also did not trust taxi drivers that will take you for a ride just to get money and dump you in a location that God would only know. The good doctor and her beloved companion walked in the front door. A couple leaving held the door open for her and almost closed the door on the dog, as they had no idea that she was blind. How ironic it was as the song being played on the juke box was “Cheap Sunglasses at night.” I wanted to leave. There was no back exit so I waited for the proper time. I had to hide away from her ears and the dog’s great sense of smell. I knew that the two would know that I was here.
I watched from a distance. Here was a pro in action. I watched her smile and her facial expressions change at every click off the clock. I wanted so bad to just walk up to her and start talking however my every move was filled with hesitation. Instead I climbed into another glass of good old Irish red ale. The good doctor found no trouble in striking up conversations and amazed just a few patrons when she asked to be escorted towards the dart board. Once she had he footing in place and was instructed as to the location and distance between her and the board she drew back her left arm, then brought it forward with just enough velocity she let the dart fly from her fingertips. There was a loud round of applause when it was noted that she had hit the board in the precise location that was needed for the team to gather up the winning number of points. For her sportsmanship she received several kisses on the cheek and Patrick himself brought over to her a large glass of Irish red. He also had on his tray two milkbone treats for the companion.
She raised her glass high and uttered a phrase in Gaelic, “Tada gan iarracht.” I could not disagree with her at all. That sealed it for me I had to make my way over to her. I had to talk with her once again. Fearful inside that it just might be the last time, I knew what I was doing and was prepared to suffer the slings and arrows of pain if it came to this fiery death. She was deep into a conversation about the weather as I approached. She stopped her speech as I got close. Her companion that was lying on the floor now stood at her side. I observed a special movement. The dog pushed its rear side into her leg. I truly believe that I alone saw this movement in the dog. Margret’s voice changed its tone. “Excuse me, Mr. Honeycutt is that you?”
I had to answer. “Yes it is I.” I wanted to disappear but it was too late.
“If I may,” Margret introduced me to her friends. I nodded and shook a few hands. “Walter is an acquaintance of mine from,” She hesitated, leaving me to fill in the blanks. “Eight months, we have known each other for eight months.”
Margret whispered, “Has it been that long?” I did not answer. She continued “Really that long?” Shaking her head she spoke once again. “It seems like yesterday to me.”
I changed the topic and one by one her friends melted away until it was just the two of us. “You know I must agree with your toast after your dramatic dart toss. You are right nothing is done without effort.. “So Walter,” Margret’s tone in her voice changed one half an octave. “You know how to speak Gaelic?” “No,” I answered. “Just a few little phrases here and there, that’s all.” She looked at me and that smile came back to her face. “I have underestimated you Mr. Honeycutt. Well let’s see.” Have you used your special power lately?”
“Why yes I have.” I answered. “Used it here at Patrick’s not more than an hour ago.”
I knew she had a problem with my authority at least with my way of handling it. However this is my dilemma, my power. I use it accordingly. I neither abuse nor neglect this given talent on loan from I had to think for a second. In that time Margret spoke up.
“I’m amazed you have no idea.” Her head was shaking back and forth. “That student you zapped that day in class, do you have any idea about him?” I did not interrupt. “He was an straight A student, when he came back from God only knows where he was a changed person. His whole existence was all for nothing. I’m not sure if you read the news or saw it on the television news but that young student took his own life and the lives of four others along with him as he drove his car off the road, it flipped several times before coming to rest on the hood.”
I told her that I had no idea; I apologized for my behavior and gave her my solemn vow that I would never raise my finger up again. The days of sending a person to the other side would be over forever. I crossed my heart. “Is maith an scathan svil charad.” Margret looked at me and smiled. A broad smile then her lips came together and she moved in my direction. I kissed her for the first time. She whispered into my ear, “So you think my eyes are good mirrors.” “Yes,” I said back to her. “You have made me look at life in a different light.” My lips were inches from her ears. I kissed her cheek just to the edge of her ear lobe. Then she whispered into my ear. “Ni hespa go dith carad.” I confessed to her that I did not know that Gaelic phrase. She held my head with her two soft hands. Her fingers messaged my cheeks. Then she spoke, “There is no need like the lack of a friend.”
“Margret” my voice began to tremble. “I want to be a friend of yours forever.”
“Is this a marriage proposal?” She asked.
“It could be.” I said, “If your answer to the question is yes.”
I watched and was amazed as I saw blind eyes tear up. I had no idea that they could.
I called out to Patrick. How much would it cost me if I bought an Irish red ale for everyone in the bar. He hollered back wanting to know why I was going to do such a thing. I told him that Margret just got engaged with me. We are going to get married. “If that’s the case” He said proudly. “The drinks are on me.”
Everyone in the bar raised a glass high and the juke box played a Gaelic Storm hit from the movie “Titanic” everyone was dancing. I made my way to the restroom with my glass still in my hand. I set it on the counter by the sink and walked to the center urinal. Then I remembered what I had done several hours before. I apologized to the big man and in his honor I poured the contents of my glass down the drain. I will make sure he gets an invitation to the wedding. I returned to the crowd after I washed my hands.
For the next sixteen months we lived not together twenty-four seven but very close to it. I never realized what detail went into your existence when you lose your sight. Nor did I have any idea how easy it is to organize your daily routine to fit such a handicap. I met Margret’s sister Mildred shortly after our engagement. I found out that it was her that helped grade her sister’s paperwork from all her students. She drove her to school some days and I chipped in when I could. I picked her up on occasion and life was great. I had found a new lease on life. I had even started experimenting closing my eyes and trying to use my ears more. I watched with utter amazement how Ethan the German Sheppard not only knew Margret’s next move but the move after that. This dog could sense the movement of a heartbeat. Fluent in the Dutch language the dog knew one and two word commands. Also several hand controls that I tried to mimic to no avail. I could let him out the rear door to go to the bathroom and let him back in. I could give him his reward of two cheese slices when he did something right however when he was sitting in the adjustable lounge vibrating chair I could not get him to budge. Margret had to always come to my rescue. Several times I received a God awful look from Ethan when I got close to Margret. It was as if he was telling me, “The girl is mine”. I told him several times that I knew that he was number one in Margret’s eyes. I just wanted to be one and a half.
I kept good on my pledge with Margret. I watched and paid more attention on how I reacted around other people. I knew that I was still the messenger. However before I let the conversation get too out of hand I quickly changed the subject or I just left the scene before it became too late for me not to react the way I was instructed. Let be the first to tell you something that your probably already privy to. The youth of today has it too easy. There is little or no respect towards the elderly. The adult who has the commanding hand must lead by example and not get altered through the beauty of the younger person. The real youth of this nation still has its beauty and innocence. It is the youth of the middle ages those that fall between the dawn of a new day and the darkness of a bleak cold night. Unblemished fear will rule over everyone. It is high time that messenger’s like myself educate and enlighten the masses. We must do it in a way that we disguise our real teachings. One incident must not go unpunished however the severity of the behavior must be looked at with the hands of a surgeon. Time and patience are two factors that can determine success or failure. Quick to judge has been my downfall, and it was brought to my attention. I stand before you today proud to say that it has been almost a year to the day that marks the anniversary of the last man I sent to the learning place. Oh I have come close, real close to pointing out my finger in disgust. Now that I have found my true love and lifelong companion, I feel more loyal and honest towards her. We have been extremely busy these past few weeks as the magical day is fast coming upon us. As I glance upon the calendar on the wall beside my desk I realize that it is just three weeks away. When you are having so much fun time flies quickly by. With so much to do one might tend to lose oneself. All of the little things if left unattended may grow into larger details that can and will swallow up time like a large mouth bass can swallow up a shinny lure. It is at this time that one must remember that life from here forward is not a singular journey, but a travel for two.
I’m very pleased to tell you that the wedding went off without a hitch. We both remembered our lines as we both wrote out our own vows. Ethan was wired with a cushion that held the wedding rings. When I placed the ring on Margret’s hand he barked approval that startled the minister. Margret had a brief chuckle as she had taught Ethan that command and was done with a swift twist of her wrist unseen by everyone including yours truly. The reception however was a different story.
One lovely couple that attended the wedding then drove to the reception hall had a brief encounter outside the building. I feel at this time I must keep you abreast of the events that followed. The couple’s voices got to the level that they had to be ushered outside the building. I went out to convene over the situation. I arrived just as the much taller and heavier man pushed the girl to the side. She was attired in a lovely dress. Her hair was beautifully done up. On her feet high heels so that the height distance between the man and woman would not be that noticeable. Had she not fallen towards the wall I believe she would have fallen almost face first towards the concrete. As it was her face did scrape against the outside wall and scratched her cheek. The young lady re-entered the hall crying, her hands both up around her face. The man just stood there saying nothing. There was no remorse, no demeanor in his voice. He spoke to her as she ran off in the opposite direction. I had to interfere. I had to say something. This type of behavior cannot go on without consequences. He must be taught a lesson. One statement from me, lead to a rebuttal from the young man. Then it was his turn to sling the arrows of discontent. I was not backing down. I knew this was my wedding day, however someone had to speak up for the young girl. Then the statement was uttered by the young man. “This is none of your business sir.” He paused “You can go to Hell.” “No sir!” said I. “It is you that needs to go to Hell.” With that I raised my right arm and pointed my finger in his direction. Nothing happen. He just stood there I wanted to repeat myself instead of that sentence this is what came out of my mouth. “If you truly love and respect her that young lady you will go and seek her out. Ask for her forgiveness.” I could see a change in his face as he really put some thought in what just took place. I continued my ranting, “Vow to never disrespect her ever again.” With that last statement he ducked into the hall. Seconds later he remerged outside the building and walked up to me as I was now just three feet from the door. “I apologies for my behavior you are right. How stupid could I be? You are one hundred percent right. Please let me hold the door for you.
We walked into the hall together. The young lady returned to her date. Her scratches were noticeable but some other ladies nearby said a little makeup could cover up the marks. Five ladies headed for the restroom and I went looking for my new bride. I was directed outside. It seems that Ethan had a little too much to drink and had to be taken outside. Unbeknown to myself Margret was just around the corner of the building with the dog. She had heard everything, every little detail of the argument. I received a tender hug from the new Mrs. Honeycutt. She whispered into my ear that she was glad I held back on my message board. She now had all the proof she needed to fully realize that I was no longer the messenger. “you know I heard two sets of footsteps walking away instead of just one. I want you to know I meant what I said about always remembering your distinct walk. I will never forget you. Somehow I truly know that to be the truth. As for being the messenger, I guess it just goes to show. If you have a God given talent you better use it. However you must use it wisely and for the betterment of not only yourself, your loved ones, but for mankind in total. If you are privy enough to receive a special gift from whom ever, likewise the same caution should be applied. Remembering as you go through your daily routine in life, use it or lose it, However be cautious, and remember that for every action there is a reaction. After all I’m just the messenger, and there is no written law that states that you have to listen to my every word. I bid you a fond farewell with two of Doctor Margret Smith Honeywell’s favorite words of wisdom. Walk through life one foot in front of the other. Run or jump if you must but use caution. Try not to fall and if you do, hope that there is someone close that can give you a helping hand if needed. As you walk into your journey remember to keep looking up, you will be real surprised to learn one day who all was looking down and keeping notes as you went your merry way.



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