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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #1946310
When Ava turns 18, dark things start happening. Will she be able to escape the shadows?
**Please read and review this. It's a new story I've been working on and I'd really love thoughts as to how it is so far. It's still my first draft, and I promise the story picks up. Thanks so much!!**


"Remind me why I agreed to come with you," Ava sighed. She was stretched out on a bed with a mountain of discarded clothes next to her. More and more flew out of the closet and landed on top of the growing tower.

Her friend emerged from inside the closet, hair ruffled and wearing the skimpiest crimson dress Ava had ever seen. "Because," she said," you never do anything fun and it's our senior year and it's New Year's Eve! Woohoo!" and jumped on top of Ava, grinding on her.

"Get your ass off me Cass!" Ava grunted. Cassie stood up, rolled her eyes, and dove back into her closet on a quest to find the perfect shoes.

"Yeah Cass, save it for the boys." A tall Asian emerged from the bathroom with a curling iron in her hair. She was wearing an equally tight, if less revealing, electric blue dress. The contrast against her warm brown eyes was startling. "Plus, if you don’t go, I'm not going. I need my dancing partner since god knows how no boys will want to dance with me." The corner of her lips tugged downwards in a frown.

"Oh shut up Talia! You literally have the perfect body! Boys are gonna be literally crawling all over you!" Cassie's disembodied voice floated from deep within the closet.

"Literally? I'd prefer if this was all imaginary," Ava snorted and rolled her eyes. A white flip flop sailed out of the closet and hit her smack in the face.

"Shut up whore!" Cassie yelled.

"I'm not the one who's wearing hooker heels," Ava taunted.

"I will strap them on to your feet with duct tape if I have to!" Cassie retorted back.

"Come on Ava, let's do your hair before she decides to throw a stiletto at you," Talia giggled.

Groaning, Ava got up from the bed and shuffled to the bathroom. Talia steered her into a chair and sat her down in front of the mirror. "What should I do to your hair?" she mused, playing with the curly golden strands.

"I don’t care, put it up for me. You know how much I sweat." Closing her eyes, Ava slumped into the chair. "I still don't know what the hell I'm gonna wear. I mean what the fu--"

Talia slapped her on the shoulder. "Enough with the sailor's mouth!" she scolded.

"Tch, whatever. Cassie will probably find another skimpy dress for me that's gonna make my thighs look huge and then we can all freeze our as--I mean butts," Ava paused and glared at Talia, "off outside since it is the middle of the frickin winter!"

"I found it!" announced Cassie, strutting into the room on five-inch black stilettos. In her hands she carried a strapless black dress with sparkling gems down the left side. "You are gonna look so hot in this Ava! And I found an extra pair of heels that match in my sister's closet!"

"You think I'm gonna be able to dance in heels?" Ava grouched. "And there is no way I'm wearing that! I'm not having my ass falling out of my dress all night," she jerked her head towards the outfit.

"It's not that short so quit being so solemn! We are going to a club with hot guys tonight and you are not going to ruin it for me!" Cassie proclaimed. "So get up and go change into these clothes, party pooper!" They stared at each other for a few tense moments until Ava finally looked away.

"Fine. But maybe you should look up the words you use first instead of pretending you know what they mean!" Ava stuck her tongue out as she stomped into the bedroom to change.

"Okay, I guess I'll finish your hair later!" Talia called after her. Turning to Cassie, she said "You know, you could give her a break. I mean you know what she's going through right now and it’s probably why she's being so difficult and it's got to be a hard time for her and--"

"I know, I know Talia. That's why I'm making her do this," Cassie whispered. Turning her head, she watched Ava as she walked back into the bathroom. "Damn girl, " she wolf whistled.

"Shut up Cassie," Ava blushed. The dress clung to her curves in a flattering way without being trashy. It showcased her toned back and the hemline ended just before her fingertips, accentuating her muscular legs. It was just a shade off black, more like a gunmetal gray, and combined with her sea green eyes, bronze skin, and golden hair, the effect was stunning.

"Wow Ava, you look amazing! You'd make me want to be a lesbian and get with you," Talia joked.

"That's frickin creepy, but thanks T," Ava rolled her eyes again. She dropped back into the chair for her to finish doing her hair.

"We are going to be the hottest girls there!" Cassie squealed.

"Yeah, I just hope those fake IDs work," Talia said nervously. She started to twist Ava's hair just above the nape of her neck, securing each long strand with a bobby pin.

"Now that would make this night even worse," Ava agreed. She winced as Talia pushed the bobby pin a little too deep into her scalp.

"Chill guys, Tyler said his guy has a perfect track record. And he said he might be there too Talia," Cassie nudged her friend.

"Shut up Cassie!" Talia blushed. "But promise hands off, okay? You know how the boys flock to you." She finished putting up Ava's hair into an elegant side twist and topped it off with a silver flower.

"What? Me? That's soooo not true," Cassie said innocently.

"You're a whore. Accept it and move on," Ava said.

Cassie stuck her tongue out at her. "I am not. And I have. Now, let's move onto makeup."

Stepping outside an hour later, Ava sucked in a deep breath of the icy winter air, feeling it burn her lungs and electrifying her senses. It was a relief to be outside of the bathroom where the curling iron and straightener had turned the room into a sauna. Next to her, Cassie was already shivering and began to whine about the bitter cold, kicking some snow away from her feet.

"You said no coats," Ava reminded her. "You said, and I quote, 'Coats will take away from our outfits.' Now just look who's complaining."

"Screw winter," Cassie glared. "I am going to walk in and look hot, coat or not. Now get in the car."

"Shotgun!" Talia yelled and sprinted to the passenger seat.

"As usual," Ava muttered and crawled in the back seat as Cassie got in the front.

"So who's the DD?" Cassie asked, looking around at them. Both Talia and Ava said nothing. "Fine. Nose goes!" she exclaimed, jamming her pointer finger to her nose. Ava was quick to follow suit but Talia was too slow.

"Aw no fair guys!" she whined.

"You'll be fine, I don’t even know if I want to drink so it'll probably end up being me," Ava said.

"Cool!" Talia said. "So we're meeting Tyler there or are we picking him up?"

"We're gonna meet him there. Talia you're in charge of music so put something in and get this party started!" hollered Cassie.

"Both hands on the wheel please. Or do I have to start driving already?" Ava asked.

"Oh lighten up Ava! Damn, you need to learn to have some fun!" she responded. Talia just shook her head and put in a mix CD.

Twenty minutes later they had reached downtown and were circling the club looking for an open parking spot.

"Keep your eyes peeled," Cassie instructed them.

"Yeah, yeah," Ava muttered, scanning the packed streets.

"There's one!" Talia pointed up ahead. "Go go go!"

They pulled in to the spot and got out of the car. The air felt slightly warmer downtown, possibly because of the crowded bodies grinding together in the club down the street. Even at the top of the hill, they could hear the pounding bass.

"Let's go, bitches! Tyler's meeting us at the entrance, he's already in," Cassie said as she marched down the street, her heels clacking on the cobblestones. The other two followed right behind her, desperately trying not to trip in the heels they weren't used to. They stopped as a tall guy with a mop of messy brown hair and absurd New Year's glasses came out of the club and with another guy at his heels.

"Cassie! Talia! and Ava?" surprise filled his voice as he saw the last girl coming up the steps. "Didn’t think you would make it babe."

"Shut it Tyler. I'm not your babe," growled Ava. She crinkled her nose up as the smell of booze reached her nostrils.

"Woah, my bad. Calm down it's just a greeting. Here's your IDs, show them to Mr. Beefy in the purple shirt at the top of the stairs and you're in," Tyler said.

"Hey Tyler," Talia said breathlessly, taking one step closer to him.

"Hey girl," he smiled, pulling her in for a hug. "Glad you could make it. You look fantastic." His eyes travelled the length of her body down and up again.

"Thanks," Talia giggled.

Not to be forgotten, Cassie pushed past the couple to where the other guy still lingered on the steps. "And who are you?" Cassie asked flirtatiously.

The guy grinned back at her, eyes roving over her body in the skin tight dress. "I'm Chris. And you're Cassie, right? I gotta say, you have an awesome body," he said winking at her.

Cassie flipped her chestnut brown hair over her shoulder, revealing even more of her cleavage, and smiled back. "You're not so bad yourself." Grabbing his hand, she pulled him up the stairs as she yelled over her shoulder, "I'll meet you guys in there! Me and Chris have a date with the dance floor!"

"Come on T, let's go join them. I'll buy you a drink," Tyler whispered in Talia's ear. She giggled again and followed him up the stairs. He paused, fumbled in his pocket for a second, and threw something rectangular down to Ava.

"Catch!" he yelled.

She barely looked up as she caught the piece of plastic in her hand. Glancing down at it, she rolled her eyes at her new identity.

"Isabella Swan? Really? Do I look like a fucking idiot who follows a sparkly white moron around like a dog? Are you fucked up in the head?" she yelled at Tyler.

"Maybe you'll find yourself a sparkly white dude inside," he waved his hand at her.

"What kind of dumbass is stupid enough to believe this?" she grumbled. Sighing, she shook her head and climbed the stairs.

"Here we go."
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