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My time with the elves.
Once when I reside with the Keebler Elves,
the cookie odor take my breath five ways.
In the trees they bake such scrumptious cookies,
my favorite is double fudge in those days.

With wafting odor of cookie dough strong,
my mouth will water when I rose from bed.
When I see cookies come out of the oven,
I say, “May I have one?” My cheeks turn red.

Cookies come out at remarkable speed;
they all ignore me as I pled my case.
And they package them with Keebler logo--
I feel like I having egg on my face.

Once as I sit watching cookies go by,
one of the elves pat me across my back.
Then like a Leprechaun he say to me,
“As I was working, I hear your lips smack!”

“O so you do?” were my reply to him,
making a frown as I turn on my heel.
“I didn’t suppose you have any idea
how seeing these cookies do made me feel!”

I had not think it was too much to ask;
yet during my stay, I feel like rookie.
It can have been a much better visit:
All I ever wanted is a cookie.

24 Lines
Writer’s Cramp
August 6, 2013

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