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by lime
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On 'horticulture' and economical progress.
Soil, climate, or extent of territory – the annual ‘labour’ of every nation is the fund which originally supplies it with all the necessaries and convenience of life which it annually consumes, and which consist always either in the immediate produce of that labour, or in what is purchased with that produce from other nations.
Adam Smith~
In terms of present city scape, for brain the liquid stands, and quality of waters thus, so to ‘compose’ in fantasy, a spring that supplies our cities is an arrangement for our vital supplement. So it goes in metaphor that life is like the water that pours from sky, the rain it is, today it shines on me wealthy, tomorrow I can go to Hell. Throat is made as an absorbent, whatever the air contains stores in me. To further improve is to communicate with Nature, be it plant life, or medical herbs, us humans are more than animal existence, more than monkey business, there is a limitless bound that is Universe, so is cosmos, and where you store yourself is cosmos, to prevent aging, and stick on longitude, things of conservation are possible, you but a burst of creative force, in Omni-potent mind of existence, where soul is your ‘wood’, it can be grown with time and patience, where soul is your power to see the world in self, and self is where you manage Being. Too much for an abstraction, in Nature, life is arranged in seven subtle centers, that are communication, further skill, dexterity and judgment; it is your bridge to surreal ‘fantasy’ and life is ‘fantasy’ sometimes, but stick to need, in nature things are arranged in unification of your proprieties, the first will stand for body, the second will stand for subtle and third for soul. To manage yourself in health, few things are required at first, it comes to wax with proper natural remedy, and subtle waxing is perhaps an introspection of your vital mood, and mode further so what you know, what you hope, what you act? Life contains soul, that is your first rule, whatever is with soul, will have a subtle, and subtle is ability to posses’ knowledge, in body it is our precept that varies with the creature, and each precept for an entitled being, will see or look at world in different capacity. Further woods can be ‘taught’ in soul and in smelt - is there subtle bridge to physical appearance, woods teach, woods can be composed in seven channels, the first will stand for physical, you help in arms and legs, in red colour, in ‘hell’ too. Secondary it stands for family, in orange, for our lovely intercourse, stay candy on this, look further, into you numbers and your house management in terms of infrastructure and economy, which the yellow, arrange it peacefully for yourself, so that less things are worry-some, the next step to fulfil for man sometimes in vague pain, is heart, for women to loose on money and appearance of fake delusions in green. Later is our mood, or language, and language is more than a sound, it has a mean full inception in our vital being, it transforms, so each concise question upon yourself or world will create a vessel, that is you and will bring in creative force with help of language, this is blue, allow experiment and order on harmony – six to seven – your eyes and head in indigo violet or further, look beyond – each cell of your living is a spy, a sense on world, beware of total influence, build yourself… teach the wood, or animals that are on higher order, with your heart connected to it you - teach. Manage?

Now for vital storage on common matter, what works with money, or supply is perhaps food, and food can be many, you should know about taste or cook, because this partly affects yourself even more than you mental attitude, health is ‘peace, vibe, mode, system, creative, children, world’.
To make it plain view, your keys to wealth is farmland, and ‘the blossom’ is on the ‘spring of waters’, some teach to fertilise the waters first in righteous method, that would be in regulation, and regulation can be done or understood upon inquiry in ‘lotus flower’, or orchid, or more in sea weed and further there are more. All is possible to check with your right hand, and “eye” it is. Rounding the ‘spring’ there can be grasses, herbs, vegetables, fruit, bushes, trees, in animal it can be many so is the micro vital flora, arranged with diversity of life around the spring, less singular but rather in multiplicity, with time it can be harmony, and harmony is self managed but for Man to regulate, no ‘chemistry’ allowed, rather to understand your soil, its subtle, its physical. Or perhaps in an agreement with local boundary, to think in more precise mathematical terms, to build a green house that is a mirror in controlled condition - with a burst in numbers, that further increase in capacity of fertility in soil, nothing goes, all stays and that is the first rule for cultivation – it takes patience, but think ahead, be an art, don’t neglect your ideas from the past, stick to what you have, and less simplicity in thought, rather sophistication of heart and its cosmos, a simple action is preferred, a good conduct towards neighbourhood. Arranging in terms of storage, what is required but precise intention, a quality opposed to loose, what is internal, opposed to transient? Too beware of material data, because materials communicate in hazard sometimes.

Grains, legumes, flour and starch, vegetables, fruit. Place researches on ‘planetary seed bank’ - many things are capable for nourishment - is as secondary as the money in its pure paper value, get ready yourself for shock in scarce that is the measure for your community. Lime, sand, quartz, metal, rubber, wool, silk, cotton, linen, hemp and further… beware of your concise choice in chemical synthetic. Processed can work in textile, or glass, or brick, or intermediate material data.

Some dailies are extraordinary dangerous – so for yourself, producer research in cosmetics that are pure natural, research in food storage that is pure natural, research in textile and paint that is pure natural (mineral stones, or flowers and etc are good in dust for paint liquid, this too can be very composite in teaching your body, affecting you precept). To speak of Heaven, heaven is in Chastity, Thought, Action and Joy, Harmony and Relax in Paradise (correct arrangement.)
Micro world and vital habitat, for that in human body – proximate in 72% are micros that force into unconscious action. Reassemble your flora. Beware of viral, ‘leech like’ and bacterial incompatible. Variation in economy - life on earth is in its subtle, which regulates between earth and cosmos?
Textile material and shoe ware is badly accustomed to human body type – so is ‘human’ knows nothing about titles in its coordinating system.
- Universal physics (Worlds beyond in contemplation).
- Family and business in philosophy (In influence and gene.)
- On pure character – in universal Theology, an example Tibetan Buddhism as method preventing ‘live demonology’.
- State and Empire mood – mode – language (levels of correspondence – talk with life and shape with instrument – further a tool for reality (soultific in ‘transient – for further beyond there is a law, on Spirit’ and ‘transistent experience’ – with ‘herbal remedies’, ‘bridges’ (substance for physical in fluid and flow, ‘mental dimensions – subtle material’, ‘sacred dimensions – life Divine’ and composite both, adding psychiatry), subtle in guarding channels for life (what is life beyond?), love (what is love beyond?) and war (what is war beyond?) in physical)); where state – public atmosphere; and empire – empirical ‘rehearsal (rise, culmination, splendour, transition and decline)’ to establish ‘better foundations’.
- Nature (order and harmony).Skill, dexter and judgment – in further investigation upon ‘composite Nature’ – be it human or worldly.
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