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You had best sit down when you read this poem!

The old dungeon cell wreaked of rat poop and pee.
  I'd hung by my shackles, my wrists needing free.
For four days I suffered, bugs biting my skin,
  the itching was awful, my payments for sin.

All I did was to view Princess Jessica nude,
  till her handmaiden caught me with sure attitude!
She called out the guards for my hasty arrest.
  I had no where to run, "A MISTAKE" I confessed!

Princess Jessica, angry, behind drapery fled,
  then her passionate voice sounded "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!"
"IT WAS ALL A MISTAKE",  boldly pleading my case,
  but with destiny fixed, the deed be not erased.

On the first day of March, eighteen twenty and three,
  I was off to the chopper by Royal decree.
After four days of shackles, of pain, and such strife,
  I was anxious to end it all, give up my life!

Two guards came to take me and use the device,
  the blade was all stained and covered with ice.
Down to the platform they fastened me tight,
  but I was too weary to put up a fight.

As soon as my neck hit the socket I knew,
  for the screams of the crowd and the trumpets that blew,
It was time to depart, and soon I'd be dead,
  So they covered my face and cried "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!"

The last thing I heard was the click of the lever,
  didn't even take pause to think of forever.
They buried my bones in the depths of the sea
  Twas the end of my story, perhaps not, we'll see? *Skull*     

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