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A poem discussing two common yet troubling emotions, written in a rhythmic style.
Which is Worse?

Boredom is never worse than apathy,
because boredom still has hope for something to be.

Apathy gives a rat's hairy hind end,
but boredom desires to make a new friend.

Too much boredom may lead to not caring.
Too much apathy, can prevent me from sharing.

The cure for boredom may never be found,
it plagues me each time that it comes around.

I have twenty five things to keep myself busy,
I could paint a new sketch, or write till I'm dizzy.

I could watch some TV, or go see a play,
have lunch with a pal, take a trip for the day.

I could try a new recipe, I've never cooked,
whip a line in the lake, catch a fish when it's hooked.

But I guess I'll just sit in this desk chair and nap,
cause it's hard to be bored with my head in my lap. *Worry*   

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