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by brom21
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A broken window and strange things unfold.
    It was early morning and the sunlight shone through the circular windows of my home.  I sat next to one of them reading my Bible.  I was meditating peacefully when the sound of crashing glass destroyed my focus and put me into a quick panic.  There on my floor was a curios object.  It looked to be a small silver statue decorated with beautiful gems.  The statue looked almost Egyptian with the face of a jackal.  I kneeled down to pick it up and then looked through my shattered window.  Three police cars were parked in front of my neighbor’s yard.  They appeared to be searching the house and the backyard.  The rest of the people on the block were outside observing the situation.  The presence of the authorities was unheard of in my peaceful neighborhood.  After an hour they finally left.  As I found out by talking with my friend who was across the street, he nor anyone else discovered why the police came. 

    “Hey Rick, any idea what just happened?”

      “Beats me. The only ones who know are the Atkinsons themselves.  They have not opened their door since the police left. Maybe we should knock,” Rick said.

      “I do not think we’d get and answer if we knocked all night.”  Then the object came to my mind.  “Oh, Rick I want to show you something.  Something broke through my window no less than two hours ago, it is amazing.” 

      Rick followed me to my house and I immediately showed him the statue.

      “That is amazing!  It must be worth a fortune.  Where did you get it?”

      “It just came flying through my window.  See all the glass?” I said

      “Did you see who through it?”

        “No, I was just reading my Bible and it scared the daylights out of me.”

        “What are you going to do with it?”

          “Well, I can’t keep it.”

          “Why not? Finders keepers.  Perhaps it is a gift from God,” Rick joked.

          “In any case, it’s a long trip downtown and I’m getting tired.  I’ll deliver it to the authorities tomorrow.  I’ll see yah Rick.” I told him

          “Sleep well old man,” said Rick with his usual whit.

            After he left I swept up the glass and prepared to turn in early.  The day had been quite odd and I wondered about all that had happened.  I put the statue on the living room and went to sleep.    That night I had an odd dream.  I was standing by a river in a desert plain surrounded by pyramids and animals.  In my hands was the statue and I looked and saw night and day pass quickly.  Everything around me started to age and grow old.  I however remained young.  Then fright overcame me from what followed.

The statue began to talk! “Eternal youth can be yours if you serve me”

“I was in shock and had a tremble in my voice. “What do you mean serve you?” 

“Build me a palace where I may live.  And a pedestal so people can admire my beauty”

  It was all too overwhelming and I roused myself from my sleep.  I turned on the television to calm myself and I was watching the news.  I was full of fear as I heard the anchorman talk about a stolen artifact from the museum.   

    “Witnesses say they saw a young boy run from the museum grounds carrying a backpack.  From the brief look that the witnesses had, they described the youth’s face to resemble the appearance of Jordan Atkinson,” said the anchorman. 

  “So he’s the one who threw it through my window! He was doing a last minute evidence ditch!”

  I was about to leave at once then the dream came to mind. Did I think all this up in my head?-or did I?”

  I will not hide it, I was contemplating to keep the object.  “That’s right!  I showed Rick.  Darn.” 

  Next I heard a knock at the door.  “Police.  We’ve come for the artifact.”

  I quickly opened the door.  “We’ve been told you saw the statue crash trough your window.”

  “That’s right.”

    Excellent. Now we have substantial proof that Jordan Atkinson stole the artifact.” I handed it to the officer. He and the other three left and turned into the direction of Jordan’s’ house.  I saw them apprehend Jordan and hall him away in a police car.  In the ensuing days the young delinquent claimed that it was magical and that he was sorry he ever stole it.  Then I thought to myself-maybe I didn’t dream it all up.  Then I thought out loud “I think I’ll visit the museum tomorrow.”     

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