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Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #1947044
Practicing writing star wars, very rough draft

This follows no timeline or guidelines of the star wars universe. It's just a very small part of a much larger story I've been working on for years. It's a life of it's own that has changed and grown through the years. It hinges mostly on two main characters, Kaster Lodam and Grand Warlord Mcneely. Kaster used to be a smuggler with a life and back story all his own. Grand Warlord Mcneely is birthed from my love of Timothy Zahn's Grand Admiral Thrawn. Mcneely has a backstory all of his own as well. Another main fixture in this story line is the Super Star Destroyer Intimidator with also it's own life and backstory. It's similar but yet very different from the SSD Executor from ROTJ and other stories. Keep in mind if you read this, there will be probably a lot of grammar and punctuation errors. Also various other unknown errors. I am a very freelance writer and I just sit, and write whatever comes to my mind. I do hope to one day get some things published, and I'll work on refining some skills if that ever comes to pass. For now I'm just having fun. If you do read this, I do thank you for your time. And I do hope that some of this magic spreads to you, and you enjoy it. Also spread the word and share if you like it.


The Mon Calamari cruiser ship Freedom was now in range. The Super Star Destroyer Intimidator was about five clicks away. Kaster Lodam, captain of the Freedom looked out the viewport towards the massive warship.

The Freedom was escorted by three other Mon Calamari cruisers. The Justice, Ackbar's Pride, and Reckoning flanked the Freedom. Behind them several frigates and cruisers were in formation. The Night Owl assault frigate was also there. Several wings of star fighters, including B, A, E, X, and Y wings.

All they had to do was destroy the Intimidator.

"All ships slow down and hold steady. I want to let Mcneely make the first move." Captain Lodam said into his com.

Grand Warlord Mcneely.....

The only remaining imperial flag officer in the imperial fleet. He was smart, a military genius.....and unfortunately a dark Jedi. He had a very long interesting history in wars, battles, everything it seemed like. Kaster had many years of battles against him, both in space, on ground, and hand to hand. For fifteen years they had been fighting in one mode or another. This was going to be the grand finale to all of those years. Kaster had decided it was all going to end here, now, today. He was tired of fighting. Tired of running and chasing. Just plain had it up to "here" with the warlord. Many had died in the battles. Many had sacrificed. Kaster was finally done.

Aboard The Super Star Destroyer Intimidator

Grand Warlord Mcneely sat in his command chair and viewed out his window at the enormous amount of firepower that laid around him. This time maybe Captain Lodam had finally gotten it right. Of course Lodam never stood of chance, even now, but he was good at putting up a good fight. The warlord thought back and reflected through the past battles, the past years of wars.

The rebellion had destroyed two death stars. They had murdered Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, and many more noble warriors. Great leaders that could never be replaced. Mighty ships had been destroyed like the Super Star Destroyer Executor, the Intimidator's predecessor. Kaster Lodam was following in the footsteps of the rebellion. It all angered Mcneely very much. Well it was all going to end today. Like so many other times Mcneely was going to command this fleet to victory. There was no way they where going to stop him this time. They where going to pay with blood, with their souls for not only their treachery but for those that served generations before them. No prisoners....no survivors.

"All ahead flank. All star fighters engage their targets. Open fire as soon as we are in range." Grand Warlord Mcneely's voice boomed as he issued the orders. "Have the second and fifth fleets standby in the bordering sectors awaiting my further orders." Mcneely rose from his command chair and started towards a computer console. Officers acknowledged his orders and went about their tasks.

Grand Warlord Mcneely walked up the computer console and inserted a key he wore on a chain around his neck. Several lights lit up on the console. He turned the key to standby mode.

"I perform this task for the greater glory of the Empire. For those we have lost, and those that will forever serve when we have gone. May it be done for now, and forever."

Mcneely turned the key to engage. He stood there for a long moment, as if to reconsider his actions. But for what he had done, there could be no going back now......


"Sir....something is happening." The lieutenant said over the com to Captain Lodam. Kaster looked over at the LT. who pushed his ear piece farther into his ear and was reaching for controls. Kaster walked over to where the lieutenant was stationed.

"What is it lieutenant?" Kaster asked quietly, noting that the officer's face had turned pale white and suddenly looked between terrified and awestruck.

"The holonet along with our own forces are reporting massive explosions all over the galaxy. It appears to have happened all at the same time, as if coordinated. Casualties are calculated to be quite high. It appears that....." The lieutenant's face was a sheet of ice.

"Go ahead lieutenant." Kaster said. The Lieutenant choked back words.

"Sorry Captain. It appears the brunt of the explosions were in highly populated residential areas on various alliance planets. It wasn't military targets hit. It was residential. Also business where there was a high concentration of our people sir. Reports are still preliminary and I'll work on getting more information." The lieutenant turned towards various monitors and controls.

"Very well. See if you can get the Admiral for me on the long distant com. It seems our priorities may have now changed." Kaster ordered. The LT. acknowledged and went about his task.

Honestly right now it was suddenly hard for Kaster to compose himself and to concentrate on this battle before him. He looked out the viewport at the battle ahead. He was now considering just how many where now dead, and nobody in this battle had fired a shot. No doubt Mcneely had planned the massive bombing a very long time ago. It must have taken him years, and a lot of resources to do so. No doubt the bombing was to be multi-headed. To kill, to shred morale, to distract....

As much as Captain Kaster Lodam wanted to destroy Mcneely, his other duties where to serve the alliance, and to defend her. Right now the galaxy would be in a great shambles thanks to Mcneely. Kaster needed to make a monumental decision.

To try and take out Grand Warlord Mcneely now, or break up the fleets to assist with the massive galaxy wide bombing. Hopefully they could reach the Admiral and he could make the decision. In the mean time, this battle was moments away from taking place.

"Captain it appears Mcneely is going on the attack. His star fighters have now engaged ours." The tactical officer said.

"Very well. When we get in range I want to go to attack pattern echo." Lodam commanded.

"Sir it appears 95% of the alliance planets have had bombings. Casualties are very high." The Lieutenant said.

"Very well. Have you reached the admiral yet?" Kaster hopefully asked.

"Not yet. We are still trying." The lieutenant replied.


Grand Warlord Mcneely could feel with the force when the massive bombing had happened. A massive feeling of souls being released from their mortal bodies which brought the warlord a feeling of both victory and joy. Even if by some miracle the alliance won this battle they couldn't bring back those who had perished in the bombings.

"We need to push this attack. Have the fleets on standby go ahead and enter this sector. Alert all craft to press the attack all ships open fire and don't let up until there is nothing left. Also bring in the Interdictor and position it next to the Intimidator so we can protect it. I don't want these ships getting away" Grand Warlord Mcneely could sense a heavy victory. He could sense the word traveling around about the bombings and all the deaths. The crew of the opposing force were distracted now, wondering about loved ones...worried. It would hamper their ability in the upcoming battle. Mcneely would use this to his advantage.


"Sir we have reached the Admiral" The LT. announced. Captain Lodam breathed a sigh of quick relief and activated his long range com link.

"Admiral do you have new orders?" Kaster asked into the com.

There was a brief pause....

"Captain Lodam withdraw from the battle immediately. Break up the fleet and send ships to their home sectors. We have to go into a rescue and recover mode. Grand Warlord Mcneely will wait for another day. We need to regroup and re-evaluate all options. Not everyone under Mcneely's command agrees with this massive bombing tactic, and the alliance high command are going to meet to discuss war crime action. It appears Grand Warlord Mcneely just may have become an enemy of the entire galaxy."

The com shut down and Mcneely turned quickly to the LT.

"Turn everyone around and prepare for hyperspace. All craft retreat." Kaster ordered. A part of him hated saying that last word....retreat. But there would be another time. Honestly he was more worried about the rest of the galaxy right now . Now was the time to swallow pride, and do what he could to help those in need.


"Sir it looks like they are making a massive retreat."

Grand Warlord Mcneely watched out the viewport at it seemed all at once the enemy ships where now turning around.

"Where is our interdictor? I want it in here now!" Mcneely was now raising his voice. This was all supposed to end today. He didn't want them escaping. He had them right where he wanted. He had their morale right where he wanted. They couldn't get away now. No way....

"The interdictor is having engine problems. They are currently not able to enter the battle." The tactical officer responded. The interdictor had the power to use it's gravity well generators to stop the enemy from going to hyperspace. With out the interdictor, the alliance ships were free to leave.

Grand Warlord Mcneely was beyond infuriated. He watched out the viewport as all at once, every single alliance ship disappeared, as if they had never been there at all. All of them.......gone.

Grand Warlord Mcneely suddenly realized his own plan had acted directly against him. The grand scheme might as well have been his own demise. He allowed himself a small grin, then a chuckle came out. After that a quiet laugh that grew louder. The crew of the Intimidator looked at him like he was going mad.

And maybe he was. But one thing was for sure. This wasn't over. Grand Warlord Mcneely would strike again. This time there would be no mistakes. It would be his greatest victory, the galaxy's triumph. This would be the alliance's final retreat. For next time........it would literally be the end.


But would it be over for Grand Warlord Mcneely instead? With his horrific act of the massive galaxy wide bombing, he inadvertently hurt those that got caught in-between the factions. Many that serve him who hear the news, aren't as happy about it as he is. And there are other forces that have awakened. This tragedy has caught the attention of every being in the galaxies. Find out whom, also learn about more characters, more ships, and more details in the next installment. Would you like to hear more? Well....would ya?
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